Thursday, July 1, 2010

"You sure it isn't TWINS?"

I went to have lunch with my mom and apparently she picked up on woman there staring at my belly then discussing it with her lunch date. So, (I had no idea) but my mom, whose always got my back, knew her and asked if she'd ever introduced us (my moms way of politely saying 'hey, that's my daughter your whispering about'). The woman said no, but I was just commenting to my lunch date how big her belly is. She then proceeded to ask my mom when I was due and when my mom said mid Aug. she asked the dreaded question that no pregnant woman wants to hear "Are you sure it's not twins?" dun dun dun... For the record, NO, but thanks for noticing! 

PS- My belly's grown considerably since these were taken a month ago

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  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel :( I was 37 weeks yesterday and when I went in today I was measuring at 43 weeks. THAT'S 6 WEEKS!!!!! I am so stinkin huge that even walking makes me so tired and worn out. And I've been contracting (and on meds for it) for 2.5 weeks now...soooo we're having Russell tomorrow morning at 7:30!!! SO GLAD TO BE DONE!!!!!!! Miss and love you guys!


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