Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally, an insight

Very often, I sit through sacrament filled with the Spirit and pray with all my heart that one day, my family (especially my mom), could see what I see, hear what I hear, and feel what I feel. I don't mean that they don't have their own spiritual experiences, I just mean I wish I could share my personal ones. I've tried to explain ordinances and covenant experiences, but unless you're actually there, it's almost indescribable. Well, today I was searching the LDS site to figure out how to tithe online, and I came across this video. I was overcome with emotion not only from the words that Robert D. Hales (Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ) was speaking, but the clips of all the sacred and beautiful acts that are shown. I thought, an answer to my prayers, just a mini-clip of the wonderful covenants and blessings we share with our Heavenly Father. The family watching General Conference, the Preisthood blessings, the Temple, the baby blessing, the Basptism, the youngmen blessing and passing the sacrament, the families partaking, the man and boy visit teaching, and just all of those special gifts that we are grateful to have.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Homemade Taggies / Woopee

When Bash was a baby we noticed that he LOVED to grab and suck on tags. Any tags! If he was on the floor and there was a rug, he'd find the tag, if you were holding him over your shoulder, he'd find the tag of your shirt, if I went shopping and set the bag down when we'd get home, he'd find the tags on the new clothes, sometimes, he'd even grab the tags on his own clothes,if I was drying him after a bath, you guessed it, he'd grab & suck on the tag of the towel. So, we just thought he was the weirdest kid, and lo and behold he wasn't so weird after all. Turns out all babies love them. So this mom, around 1999, invented Taggies, little blankets and toys with tags attached all around, and is now a mutimillionaire. Who knew? Well, by the time they made it out on store shelves, Bash was past that stage, so now that Mia has expressed an interest I recruited my MIL for help with making one. By saying help, I mean she did it all, I just picked out the material. The Taggies brand are super cute but kind of pricey and the designs are limited. I wanted one that was Mia-ish, or one that "Is SO Mia" as her Aunts Jenna & Josie would say. So here is the finished product and she LOVES it. It is so stinkin cute, her Abuela did an amazing job. We made it a little bigger than the Taggie, because I figured it could also double as a woopee, or whatever she decides to call it. Hopefully not WOOGIE OR FLOWBEE, like her dad does.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

John and I got to go out on a sweet date friday night, NO pics, I know what an idiot, I forgot my camera. I realized it when we saw a woman in a Burka walking out of Victoria's Secret with a huge bag of stuff. Oh that would have been a cool shot. John was like thats something you don't see everyday, and I said maybe she was buying lotion.? We went to my favorite Indian restaurant the Bomaby Brasserie and then went shopping in the "Montrose" area. It was a blast, and we certainly saw alot of interesting people. I finally got to shop at a store I had been dying to get a shirt from, American Apparel. The t-shirts are kind of expensive but really good quality cotton, that is thin and cool, but not see through, if that makes sense. For all of you LDS girls, you could appreciate it, and I am actually stocking up for after our Sealing. I saw a ton of cool antique and designer consigner shops that were closed, but I'm definately going back this week, any takers? Sat. was alot of running around preparing for Sunday. On Mother's Day after church, we watched Bedtime stories with the kdis, and then we had my MIL over and ate dinner. We gave her her gifts and then she and I worked on Mia's homemade taggie blanket or woopee, or flowbee as John calls it. It is so darn cute, I'll post the finished product later. Then as we saw her off Bash took Mia to the grass and was wrestling with her so I finally got out my camera. Here are some shots.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back in Corpus

The kids and I made a quick trip to Corpus Christi this last weekend. My stepdad Joe, was hospitalized and we wanted to spend time with him when he was released to go home, the hospital was NOT a good place to visit for the kids with all this flu going around, so luckily he was home by Friday and we got to love on grandpa Joe. While we were there, my step-sister Adie brought the kids a special surprise. A three day old ducky, Boy were they surprised. I set it on Mia's chest and the lil thing just ran right over her face and Mia let out this scream of terror! Just dramatic as can be, I wonder where she gets it? We were trying to console her, then reaquaint them so she wouldn't be afraid but she wasn't have'n it. Sicy girl was exited to play with the ducky, and that duck just hammed it up for the camera, he had the spunkiest personality. I called John to tell him about the duck and right after he heard the words "Baby Duck" he was like "No America, were not getting a duck", as if, I was so not going to ask that.
Can you tell we are starved for a pet, by WE, I mean Bash and I.
While we were down there, I got to see alot of cousins we missed the last visit. We celebrated my Aunt France's birthday at one of her favorite restaurants, Friday's Poet. Gosh, I miss them.

Big Ups to Carrie

Carrie is my cousin Bobby's wife whom I went to high school with. I finally got to see her on this last trip to Corpus, and she looks amazing! She and her family have a huge pot going to the person that loses the most percentage of weight, and I think she's going to take this one. She's never been big, always a petite lil thing, but we all know the changes having a baby can do to our bodies. She has lost a heathly but pretty big amount of weight, which I won't mention, but Carrie has totally insprired me and shown me the light at the end of the tunnel. She has stuck to a rigorous workout and healthy eating plan, and she looks FABULOUS!I think that with prayer, and a little help from Carrie, I can finally get rid of this baby weight. She is going to be my mentor on this journey and I am totally greatful. Thanks for all of your tips and help Carrie!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jack's Blessing

Last sunday we drove down to Lake Jackson to celebrate the joyous occassion of Jack Ricker's Blessing. He looked so handsome in his white satin outfit! After church we enjoyed hot dogs and family fun at the Rickers. Mia and Jack were exited to see eachother, even though they didn't show it, they were just being shy.
"Reunited and it feels so good..." Ninja Peyton
Can you guess who's too old to be at this table?

Carpet Freak

John has become the worlds worst carpet fanatic. Spending a ton of money on pro carpet cleaners, then following us around with the sprays and sponges. Now we have to take our shoes off at the door. Hello, its beige, its gonna get dirty! I have a feeling we'll have wood floors by the time summer is over, I always win!
That includes you too Mia, take off your shoes!


Today Bash earned his WOLF BADGE, which is a pretty big accomplishment in the world of Scouts from what I understand. I got to go up with him as he received his badge and then he pinned me with a traditional Wolf Badge pin for moms. In addition to the badge, he got six belt slides: 1. computers 2. soccer 3. cultural languages 4. chess 5. swimming 6. music. Were so proud of him!

Too Big Too Fast

I remember when we first bought this walker, I was still pregnant, and thinking that it was going to be a REALLY LONG time before she was going to be able to use this. And just look at her now. All grown up! TEAR

NEW Season / SAME team name

What is it with kids and these fierce animal names they want to name their sports teams. "EAGLES" is a choice one that the kids chose ONCE AGAIN! Gotta love them. Bash is doing great and were glad he's on a team that encourages them, rather than puts them down. He still is the biggest kid and sometimes is afraid to get in there, because he doesn't want to hurt them. I think knocking out a kids tooth last season may have caused that fear. Oh well, its just a game. Well, as I sat throught the first game, I was remembering how last season I was still pregnant and I would look at all of the babies and couldn't wait to have mine out there cheering for her brother. Little did I know then that she would be the biggest diva and just HATE THE SUN! She was a little pain in the patootie and made me sit with my chair away from the sun, and then John had to parade her up and down the field (facing away from the sun of coarse). Oh, but I wouldn't trade her for the world, and she loves seeing her brudder play!