Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More pics of Mia in the hospital

I wanted to post the rest of these pics because there definately is a visible change in her weight and skin since we left the hospital.
Jack and Mia got to take pics together in the nursery under the warmer : ) How cool is that, Jenna and I had our babies a day apart and got to be just a couple of rooms away from each other. We made that hospital so sick of us! ahha

Mia finally home

I got some requests for some more pics so here they are. What a blessing it is to finally have her here in our home. She is a joy! John and Bash are so cute with and protective of her. She already has a few tunes that mommy and daddy have made up about her. To the tune of "Uptown Girl" we sing... "She's an 8 pound girl, she's been drinkin all the milk in the world..." and it goes on and on. Another cute one is when she's getting her diaper changed, to the tune of "Super Freak"... we sing..."She's a very stinky girl, the kind that makes the stinky poopies"... "She's a supa stink supa stink, she's supa stinkee yow!" and my favorite, when she has her pamper off John and I will sing "I don't think your ready for this Jelly" If your singing these in your head right now your probably cracking up. I know its sad, She's so cute, we've gone bannanas !

Mia and her Greatgrandma Alaniz who is 90 years old and made the this special trip all the way from Corpus to see her youngest grandchild. Bash & Mia Mia and Daddy sleepin, I just can't get enough of these, they never get old Mia and her Grandpa Joe

Bash's 8th Birthday

The day after we got home from the hospital we had an 8th birthday celebration for Bash. Everyone though that I was crazy but, I felt really good, I had alot of help from John and grandparents, and I wasn't gonna short change my baby boy on his birthday, just because he got a lil sister. We tried to make his birthday as special as possible and really put the focus on him all day long. I'm the baby of my family and I can't imagine how hard it is to be the only child for so long and then have a little sibling come along. We kept Mia in our bedroom with both grandmas taking care of her so that it wasn't all about her. Bash, thanked Heavenly Father in his prayers that evening, for a special birthday and for his baby sister.

We had to do a second mini birthday for my Grandma to be able to celebrate it with us on Sunday, and it was the actual birthdate, but Bash didn't mind.
Uncle Jonah and Livi
Birthday cake: "take two"
Uncle John making Grandma Alaniz's Mexican Chocolate recipe

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She's Here! 8lbs. 6oz. 19in.

Well, she finally arrived today at 10:30am. These pics are not that great but I couldn't wait. I'll post more later that Aunt Josie and Aunt Jenna took.
At last! Aunt Jenna said her diapers fit her like bikinis cause she's a lil chunker Daddy got to give her,her first bath Daddy dressing her Grandma Ririe with her "girl" Daddy's toes Pooped

Were in LABOR!!!!!!

I know, I know, I'm not blogging cause I'm a fanatic, I'm just doing anything to keep my mind off of the pain. We arrived at the hospital a little after 1:00am., with contractions 1 min. long and 8 min. apart. It's 2:30am and I am 80% effaced and dilated at 2 cm. So, what does this mean? I don't know either, they said at 8:00am. the doctor will come and check me and if I haven't progressed any further he would induce labor. This will probably be my last post until I come home, so wish me luck and hope to you soon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Has our CUPCAKE finished baking?

I changed the blog up a bit because I'm exitedly and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our lil "CUPCAKE". John thought it would only be fitting to call Mia Lourdes "CUPCAKE" since my dad calls me (to this day) "BISQUIT". Well, I thought I'd get a post in before the hopspital because I've gotten alot of calls asking if lil Mia has been born yet. If you look at my pathetic lil ticker "countdown" to my due date, you'll notice that I've actually gone over by a couple of days, so to answer your question, NOPE! I see the doctor tomorrow morning and he'll tell me when to check in for induction. Thank you all for your emails, calls, and concerns! We love and miss you all and hope to see you soon, with our lil Mia Lourdes.

Friday, January 16, 2009


YES !!! I'm STILL pregnant, going on 11 months as John says. I was so frustrated when I left the doctors office this morning. I cried the whole way home because I wanted to be able to plan an induction so that John could be there and not have to leave work an hour away and have him speeding to the hospital at 3 or 4 am. I also want to be able to recover in enough time to celebrate Sebastian's 8th birthday. So in my own mind I had all of these plans in my head, until I saw the bigger picture. I got home and watched one of the million episodes of TLC's A Baby Story. It was about a couple that had suffered 5 miscarriages in one year. They were finally approaching 38 weeks and the look of sheer terror and anxiety from anticipating something going wrong because off all the disappointment and pain they had already endured, was just overwhelming to me. I realized how lucky I have been to have carried our Lil Mia this far without any serious complications and that we are as healthy as one could hope to be during this stage. I felt so guilty and I just prayed for forgiveness and thanked Heavenly Father for all of the blessings this pregnancy has been to our family. I am so grateful for my children and all of the concern and support my friends and family have shown us. Thank you all for your phone calls, words of encouragement, and old wives tales about inducing my own labor ! haha I know now that Heavenly Father has a plan for Mia's birth and when she is meant to come into this world, it will be precious and perfect, after all... THE BEST THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO PRAY !
Yes, this is me, 8 1/2 months, thanks Kelsey for erasing the stretch marks as much as possible!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tylor's Baptism

What a joy to have been present on this special day in Tyler's life. I sat a few pews behind him and watched how reverently he listened to his speakers as they gave their talks about Baptism and the gift of the Holy spirit. His Aunt Charite spoke so simply that an 8 year could understand yet so meaningfully that an adult would be moved as I undoubtedly was. Sebastian was very attentive as he knows his Baptismal date is approaching on Feb. 14th. We are so proud of you Tyler for the special boy that you are and your purpose in Heavenly Father's plan.

Rickers, Brenners, Carruths, and Riries This is the kids favorite part of any event "Picture Time" can't you tell? Sebastian claims to not want a baby sister, but this picture gives me hope! I know he'll be an awesome big brother and probably won't leave Mia's side, were hoping.