Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ballet Baby...

Mia started her first Tippy Toes ballet lesson last week. We weren't sure just how well she would do because she is 1 month younger than the starting age, but we KNOW that being the little performer that she is, she'd be ok, especially because she already knows how to Pirouette and Plie. Well, needless to say she was the only one dancing on the first day, while the others just looked at her with confused faces. She may not have been doing the exact steps but she was definitely moving. She was absolutely "born to perform"!

It's her 1st class so she's taking it all in
Pointing toes
her attempt at 1st position (pretty close)
doin the motions to "Tiny Tim" entertaining everyone
hands on hips in 1st pos.
this little girl is like "someone tell her to sit down"
By this time Mia was dancing her little heart out
after class they get a little sticker for their hard work the boys were super proud- Yes we were the annoying family with the camera!
More pics from second lesson
disclaimer: for the critics- No, we don't expect that she will be starring in the Nutcracker this year or doing Rond de jambe or pointe, anytime soon, we just love watching her learn and have fun, so if the pics are too much, click the on "X" in the upper right hand corner!
these are their "Tiny Tim" turtles they use for the song

Monday, June 14, 2010

"Take me out to the ball game..."

We finally made it out to see the Corpus Chrisit Hooks play. I love being out there by the water, because no matter how hot it is in Corpus, there's always a great breeze.

If we can't go to Houston, Houston will come to us
John had been dying to see a pro-soccer game, you know "world cup fever" and all, so we got tickets to see Houston Dynamo vs Laredo Heat. It was a fantastic game except for the corrupt ref and dirty tactics by Laredo Heat. OOOh they played dirty, but Dynamo pulled through and won.

Sweet penalty shot!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Long time no Blog...

We are SOOOO glad to be done with school, yes, I speak for all of us! We now have an official 4th grader (sigh), whom we are super proud of , because despite his dyslexia, he was commended on all parts of his TAKS, and even more proud because when we sat and discussed his grades and progress with him and how wonderful he did, his response was "Yeah, cause you gave me a 'Back to school BLESSING' Dad." I was so tickled that he immediately thought of giving credit to his faith and acknowledging that those blessings came from his Heavenly Father.

Last work day before the Memorial Holiday and we all prepared for our little road trip- Laredo, Texas

We stayed with my relatives whom I lived with briefly when I first left the nest to attend college at TAMIU in Laredo. They are the coolest, funniest, most laid back family ever. They started their business from the ground up out of a little tiny one bedroom apartment, and built it to the successful venture it is today. My Tio Ferndando along with his wife put their blood, sweat and tears into this now huge business that their children are now partially running, and will eventually hand down to their posterity. Nothing makes me happier than to see hard-working individuals have all of their dreams come true.
First time meeting her cousin and already fighting with her So I intervened Their theatre the cousins hit it off right away
Baby Andres, too cute, and huge hockey fan
Our last day there we REALLY wanted to go across the border to Nuevo Laredo (John), but with all of the crime and problems with the drug cartel, we did the next best thing, we went to "The Mercado" or downtown shopping, and they had basically everything you can get in Mexico but on this side. I We were on a hunt for some Mexican candy and a soccer jersey for Beckham, but we scored a Netherland jersey for Bash and this backpack for Mia. This was my first Care Bear when I was little After a long, HOT, day of shopping we screened Nacho Libre, not all of us were into it.
Since my dad's ranch is between Laredo and Corpus, we stopped by to visit.
In case you haven't noticed, Grandpa never rests when my kids are there. It's like Grandpa can we do this, eat this, ride this, go here, feed this, take us there. For some reason my kids transfrom into these little "rancheros" when we come out here. She didn't want to wear her own boots, because Grandpa's were more comfy, really!
Water Gardens
Sometimes kids know better!
Me: Why did you take Mia out of the water?
Bash: Because she keeps trying to sit down and she's gonna get wet
Me: No she won't, she's trying to touch it.
Love this expression
You were right Bash!

WoooooHOOOOO, another year down, congrats 4th grader!!!