Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My 2 yr. old tot

We can't believe how fast this year went by, our lil No. 3 has turned 2.  I've neglected all of my annual blogging duties such as a yearly montage, birthday shoot, and party pics...well, here's the montage and the rest is on it's way...enjoy!

Are you talking to me?

What is the deal? This is something that has been plaguing me since our move from Texas.  When we first moved here, I encountered some of the rudest behavior of my entire life.  The more and more we talked with friends native and not native to this part of Florida, they say the same thing, get used to it, people here are rude!!! I've done my best to hold my toungue and pray about these situations, other times, my out of control hormonal pregnant body and brain get the best of me and I will confront people. Not in crazy I'm going to kill you way, but more like a why would you do that or say that or could you please not do that or say that way. Ugghh, people please remember others around you and be coureteous and kind, be the example...I will most certainly try too.

Death of manners
Courtesy of: Schools.com

Friday, September 14, 2012

Embellished mouse pad

I just loved this when I saw it on the fabulous Emily Jones website...it's so quick and easy and best of all free if you have everything at home which you MOST LIKELY do.

1. round out corners using a glass to trace then cut
2. I used spray adhesive to glue the fabric to pad ( I just used a cut out of fabric a little bigger than pad)
3. cut out extra fabric
4. I stitched a little border, not necessary but, so worth!

I'm thinking about stenciling an initial in the middle in white...what do you think?

Embellished tank

This is the latest Ririe Rags creation...Mia gave this to a special friend for her bday. I embellished this cute tank from Wal Mart (on sale for $1.50 right now), and threw in a Single Rosette hair clip in Rojo, it was easy to make yet still personal enough to make the bday girl feel special, not to mention coordinated... If you don't feel like making one, check out my Etsy store and get one in assorted colors and styles.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scentsy Launch Party

I'm so excited to be finally back in business with Scentsy...it's been a while, but since then they've come out with some even more fabulous products. They got a line of body products called Layers, aptly named because you can do just that, layer all of the fragrances (lotions, sprays, mists, fragrances) and the ever so adorable buddy collection (a stuffed animal that you can put a special scent pack in for your child) as well as plug in warmers that are so sweet and small and come in fabulous designs and colors... here is the link to my online launch party...simply click on "Buy From My Party" once on my Scentsy page, it will be open for three days starting Sat. Sept. 15th, thanks for stopping by! 

Don't forget to stock up early on Christmas gifts for family, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc.

These buddies would make the perfect baby gift...I'm getting the lamb for our new girl for sure!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Burlap placemats with manners

I saw this idea when my MIL and I were perusing the streets of Homewood, AL on the boutique strip...they were so overpriced and I thought huh, it's worth a shot. I made six, each with a different manner, phrase, or reminder: give thanks, pass the rolls, eat your peas, say excuse me, elbows off the table, and finish your food. The kids like reading them, and they are good reminders to refer to. 
1. cut burlap to desired size
2. sew each side
3. stamped the phrase with black fabric paint and little alphabet stamp kit from Michaels
4. wash and iron

Middle School!!!? Whah???

Yep, my baby boy is cruising the halls of middle school for the first time. He's done an awesome job overcoming his leaning disabilities, so much so, and I would never otherwise mention this in a blog post, but he was placed in all advanced/gifted classes and taken off any special academic plan that normally follows kids throughout their education... I say that because he inspires me and reminds me that anything is possible.  He relies on the Spirit and is well aware of His influence. I love this kid more than he'll ever know, Bravo Bash!
 First days of 6th and pre-k woohoo!

My girl

I just can't get over how fast this little girl is growing...the first thing everything asked when we announced we were having a girl was "What did Mia say?", well she's excited, this girl could never be dethroned!

Children's museum

This boy is loving our alone time while brother and sister are at school...we checked out the local children's museum and it was so worth it. We've been to a few and I must say this was among the coolest!!! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

July 4 2012

The 4th has always been a special holiday, with a name like America, I'm sure you can guess why...my parents are super patriotic and my mom still calls me on the 4th to say Happy Birthday, even though mine is in Feb. This year we headed to Flagler park to see the firework display, buy annoying toys, and get caught in traffic, BUT it was sooo worth it !

 annoying toys

 this was so yummy and actually by default...it was supposed to be vanilla ice cream, but I only had rum raisin...go figure, paired with the blueberries and red velvet cake, it was out of this world deelish!

 bought these pj's in DC for 4.99 a piece at the Carter's outlet, I do love a good bargain
 we attempted to feed the ducks before my daughter started quacking at and chasing them

Girls Trip to Washington DC

It is with great sorrow and sadness that I must bid my bestie Rebecca B. adieu...We had one last hooray before she and her beautiful family moved to Beijing. Oh I will miss her, the white version of me I always say. Even though I was in the most icky phase of my pregnancy we managed to shop for 8-9 hours a day...while squeezing in some eating yummy food, sightseeing, and crafting. I do love this gal ! Maybe our next project will lead us somewhere near China, but until then Zai Jian, Wo Ai Ni

Old Towne Virginia was amazing, we found some treasures there and I can't wait to go back with my family.

even though she was on the paleo diet, which should be called the beautiful diet, because she looked amazing, she didn't mind me scarfing down a triple chocolate cupcake with Mexican chocoloate pudding...in fact she insisted, for the baby's sake.