Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's BEEN lookin a lot like Christmas, like since Nov....

This December has brought out the Christmas decor, cold weather / snow, and the news that we are having another baby. This was a crazy weekend as we got snow, a lot done, and took the tests that would change our lives again! What a fabulously cold & snowy weekend it was. Perfect for decorating, glad that's over with. The day it snowed we were anxiously waiting by the windows, as the snow started falling, we waited for John and Bash to get home. John got out early and stormed in demanding Mia and I to go outside with him. It was so precious seeing him show her the snow. Bash got home and we enjoyed the beautiful weather God gave us.

The kids helping decorate

Mia waiting for daddy

Mia having a snowball

So I set out the make a Christmas baby gate that would keep lil Mia out of the presents and away from my ornaments, this was inspired by my brilliant sister in law Jennifer. She made a train, (so cute), and so not to completely copy her, I made a gingerbread theme. I used a sheet of 3/4 plywood and had it cut 2 x 21/2, I sanded it, drew out the pictures, cut out the shapes with a jigsaw (my new favorite toy) and painted & hinged it. It took me two days but I got it done.

Here is the finished product: Completely Mia proof, and hopefully whatever other babies come along

Family Pics by Yanet. We were off to a Tacky Christmas Sweater party Saturday night and I realized we hadn't taken any pics together for cards so I had my MIL snap a few before we left. That night when we returned John left to Walgreens for a midnight snack run, when he asked what I wanted I said Sour skittles, Funyuns, and a preg test. Lo and behold both were positive.

My poor little pneumoniac...

First off, thank you all for your emails and calls, Mia is doing great now and has completely recovered, I think it is because we were out of town for Thanksgiving and no one had heard from us then the word leaked and spread like wild fire that rumors and concern grew so quickly. She started getting really sick the Sat. after Thanksgiving in Corpus and so after the pediatricians exchange told us to go to ER, we sped to Houston. She was immediately admitted and hooked up to an IV and had multiple tests and x-rays taken. (SIDE NOTE: Kingwood Medical is not the greatest place to go with a child in need of URGENT care!!!) So, there were of course no beds so we were treated in the hallway for 13 hours and even cathed, HELLO HIPPA!!! Anyway, you can see after the IV and meds started to kick in, she was happy again. The real fun began at home after we were discharged  when the diarrhea continued and we got a wicked diaper rash for extra fun. But, she's a trooper, and can you believe, didn't lose a pound, that's John's favorite part.

Right after the IV, so not happy


So much better

Its that time again, Elf Yourself Silly!

We couldn't decide which one was funnier, so we posted two. They are different, even though the image on the front of them is the same.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards
Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas to all !

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

With Thankful Hearts!...

Our Thanksgiving Holiday started out great with a visit from Uncle Joe, yes I have to say it (The Navy Seal)! This was his first time meeting Mia, and boy was he smitten. She obviously was too, because she just kept staring at him and took to him right away. We all went to dinner and retreated back to our house for some late night Rock Band. We put the kiddos to bed with an extra special "tuck in" as it was done by Uncle Joe. He was so cute helping John get her pj's on and then she just sat there staring at them like, "I'm ready for my kisses". We jammed til John pooped out then called it a night after midnight. It was a short visit cause we left the next day for Corpus, but at least we got to squeeze in one last meal together at Chilis before we said goodbye. Hopefully, we'll see him at Christams.

Mia and Uncle Joe 
Ready for you to tuck me in Uncle Joe

MIL Rockin out
The Band 

Day 1
Oh there is soooo much to blog about our Thanksgiving trip to Corpus. We were there from Wednesday til Sunday. A lot longer than our usual visits, which was great, but still sadly, not long enough. So, Wed. night we arrived and settled in our rooms then went to my parents church and saw lots of old friends we'd missed. They were in shock at how much Bash and Mia have grown since last Easter. Then we went to eat at a new favorite hot spot that my parents discovered. Oh, it was delicious. If there is one thing I miss about C.C., its the AUTHENTIC Mexican food. We ordered like we hadn't eaten in days. It's tradition in my family to order a variety of foods (mostly a la carte) so that everyone can try something different. We ordered tripas, fajitas, ceviche, tostadas, coctel de camaron, carne asada, you name it. And all of this lovely food topped off with my favorite, chips salsa, don't for get the homemade flour tortillas. Everytime it was time to pick a restaurant I'd usually suggest this place. We went home and rested before a long day ahead while Mia tortured my mom's dog, Emily.

After much persistence 

she finally got a hold of her tag, and pulled it relentlessly, she looks so proud of herself. 
Day 2

So, then Thanksgiving morning arrived and since we missed the traditional "Turkey Bowl" we had "Turkey Playoffs" at the park by my moms's house. My nephews and friends joined in on the fun, at about 8 am, I was surprised they all showed up. Mia was their cheerleader. Not a very good one though cause her nap time sent her back to grandmas. While she was out, I helped my mom set up, when I say helped I mean barely, her and Joe have Thankgiving down. They need very little help. So, I finished my pumpkin tarts, green bean casserole, and corn casserole. And after all had arrived, we gave thanks for all of our blessings, and then pigged out!! After we rested, we set out to visit some other families. The Shum's were in John's parents ward and were really close to their family growing up. We had an awesome visit with them. The spirit was so strong in their home and they just went gaga over the kids. The only downside was that Mia was ready for a nap and she was a little pill. She was grabbing anything and everything she could get her grubby little mitts on. They didn't mind, as their only grandchild lives in Utah and they are starved for little ones in the house. After that, we drove straight to my dads ranch for round two of the thanksgiving feasting.  My poor dad, Mia just does not seem to like his mustache and cries when he holds her, so below are some pics of him attempting to bribe her, 1st with food, 2nd with a puppy, then he pulled out all the stops and busts out with a pony for her to ride. The kids rode horses and Bash actually got to sleep over for the first time so that he and Grandpa Joe could go hunting. We were super nervous but we knew he'd be ok. We headed back to my mom's and went straight to bed because, you guessed, BLACK FRIDAY was only hours away. We arrived at my mom's to find an extra special surprise of visitors, my aunt and cousins who I totally miss marathon shopping with. Koebi on the left and my Aunt Francis with the glasses, oh boy, let me tell you, when we'd all four get together, me and my mom included, we were unstoppable, I think that's why Sebastian cringes at the thought of shopping. We'd literally set out to shop around 9 or 10am after breakfast at Jaliscos and not quit til dinner around 6 or 7 and eat at Longhorn or back to Jaliscos, man I miss those days, but I digress.

Turkey Playoffs

Go Bash 

Thanksgiving Day 

Mia & Sicily 

Visit with the Shums

The Shum's 

Sister Shum & Bash w/ a bratty Mia 

Grandpa's Ranch

First he tried food 
then a puppy 

Then the pony 

Now she wants to be with Grandpa! 

Koebi, Aunt Fran, Debbie, Lauren, & My mom

Day 3-Black friday 
At 3:45am we were at the front lines of one of the busiest and earliest stores to open on our list ,   Kohls. I really didn't need anything from there but my mom got some great deals while I walked around and complained that nothing was on sale. Then we headed off to Wal-Mart, fantastic savings and deals, then Target, equally as awesome. We shopped til my mom was about to drop, so we headed home, picked up the guys and Mia, and went to breakfast. John was in the best mood ever, I LOVE this mood, because he'll look at my and say "I feel like spending some money, is there still more shopping?" Oh and thats a good day. I was like, you friggin betcha!!! So, after breakfast we headed out back to the madness.  We were just literally throwing things in the basket. Among all the stuff, we added a forward facing carseat for Mia, which was long over due, seeing as how her 25 lb body in that 30 lb baby carrier gives my forearms bruises cause she cuts off my circulation, so she's officially now a forward facer. Well, then after John got tired of shopping, I dropped him and Mia off to nap, and yep, I headed out again, by myself, and oh it was fabulous, I got so much done. What a day! I was so hungry when I got home and my parents took us to this new restaurant. Corpus has finally started thinking outside the box and opened an awesome restaurant called Aladins that serves Greek, Lebonese, Indian, and Persian food. Oh it was delish and topped off with a live belly dancer. A little revealing but very talented, the kids were freaking out.

Did anyone know Target had a doorbuster on chubby lil baby girls? I picked this one up right before her naptime.
<span class=Photobucket">Our Meditteranean dining entertainment 

Day 4 - Photo scanning party and more visiting

Well, by Sat. we still had a lot of visiting to do and then later that evening, my mom and her siblings and cousins had planned a photo scanning party to kick off the new Villarreal Family Website.  Everyone was invited to bring family photos and enjoy some good food. The party was a success and had a great turnout of people, even if just one or two families show that counts for 5 -10 people with us.  

Visit with the Kizerian and Francis Families

Visiting with these families was a delight. Brother Kizerian, who was a dear and close friend to John's dad (also John) says: "John, I have some thing funny to tell you", he says "When you called to tell me you were coming over, I answered the phone and you said, 'Hello Brother Kizerian this is John Ririe', and I froze for a second and thought for a moment Um, Ok, so this is how you communicate uh?" he said "Then I realized, it was you, the other John Ririe". We thought that was so cute. 

The Kizerians 

The Francis Family 

Lots and lots of cousins.... These are children of only 3 of my uncles 5 children and 5 are missing. He has two other children whose 5 were not there.

Villarreal cousins 
Uncle Carlos patty-caking with Mia
Someone is looking for identical photo of me and Uncle Carlos like this 
Tia Sara with Mia 
Good ole Mexican dishes 
Its not a stereotype 
Lots more cousins 
Tia explaining how so and so are related 
Uncle Carlos & Bash 
figuring out our geneology