Thursday, July 14, 2011

{One year}

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{Beckham's Big Top Birthday}

Beckham's 1st birthday is around the corner and so that I don't completely lose it emotionally, I've occupied my time preparing for a "Circus theme" party. I've taken little ideas from here and there in blogland. This particular shoot was inspired by this amazing and incredibly talented mom at Winding Road .
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{Nap Mat}

I'm seriously excited about the outcome of this project! Remember my post about Mia wanting to stay for nap at camp, well I finally made her nap mat. Thank you so much to Prudent Baby, you are an amazing seamstress and I'm grateful that I stumbled upon your blog for this awesome nap mat. I looked at a few tutorials but this one was by far the most cozy, comfy, and convenient of it's kind. Mia was nappin like a cat at camp today. My husband said "Dang she's gonna get in a fight over that thing today, it's like an inmate walkin into prison with a new pair of Jordans." Well, because I am a beginner I won't even begin to try and post a tutorial instead, just click on the website above for the full and easy tutorial.

{July 4th Part 1}

We were greeted at my dad's ranch by Barney the owl, aptly named by my dad because he was born in his barn...what an amazing creature, and loud too... hence the name screeching owl, boy did he live up to that at night.

these guys are like little bandits that as soon as my dad turned his back, they were ready to pull the great escape
what's up doc?
we ate at Luchesse's in Alice, Tx. cause Grandpa wanted the kids to see the new baby
My little sundbeams... I have a bigger one but it doesn't particularly like being posed in wheat for a photograph

I love the ray in her hand that looks like she's holding a fireball

{July 4th part 2}

If there is one thing my family has a lot of , it's COUSINS, my goodness, my kids have the time of their lives when they get to see their cousins. Most of the ones that are my age hadn't met Beckham yet so it was so much fun to get to see their reactions. We stayed at the Holiday Inn on the beach so we'd be close enough to fun stuff on the sand and of coarse the Texas State Aquarium, which by the way has definitely beefed up their exhibits, shows, and outside waterpark. It was well worth it.

John always says that I'm the world's worst junk food junkie, and he says that our kids will more than likely be just like their mom if I keep giving them Hot Cheetos and sour punch straws... so I sent him this pic.

Fun at Carrie & Bob's house

Independence day celebration at the water gardens
clearly her pinky is losing circulation from having my dad wrapped around it so tight
The perfect end to a perfect week, fireworks on the bayfront