Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{Nap Mat}

I'm seriously excited about the outcome of this project! Remember my post about Mia wanting to stay for nap at camp, well I finally made her nap mat. Thank you so much to Prudent Baby, you are an amazing seamstress and I'm grateful that I stumbled upon your blog for this awesome nap mat. I looked at a few tutorials but this one was by far the most cozy, comfy, and convenient of it's kind. Mia was nappin like a cat at camp today. My husband said "Dang she's gonna get in a fight over that thing today, it's like an inmate walkin into prison with a new pair of Jordans." Well, because I am a beginner I won't even begin to try and post a tutorial instead, just click on the website above for the full and easy tutorial.

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