Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mia talking

Alaniz Home - First night in Florida

It was hard to control the tears and emotions that overwhelmed me when we arrived at my brother's house. Seeing him with his newborn son that he'd always longed for, born the same day as my daughter that I had prayed for, and our spouses and big kids all together, it was just a remarkable moment that has been forever etched in my heart. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to travel through such beautiful states and witness the wonder of Gods works. We drove through, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. I've wanted to see these place for a really long time, and John had a two week vacation so he said lets do it! My heart was full of exitement and gladness for not only myself being able to see all of these places, but Bash as well.
Baby Marcos Mia with her Uncle Mark
Enough with the pictures!

Midnight Bowling

Against John's suggestion of going home after dinner to rest for the big Disney Day, we went Midnight bowling. I love it. Its all dark with black lights everywhere, the pins and the lanes light up, and the music is classic. A little of this a little of that, its fab!
Oh, whatcha know about Midnight Madness bowling in the dark under blacklight, of coarse they played Sir Mix A Lot, you know the one. Ha Ha Ha Dad, your too funny!

Disney World - Magic Kingdom

I can't even express how exited my brother and I were to be at Disney World together with our families. This was by far one of the best vacations of my life. Turned out, it was our 1 year anniversary and neither John nor I, nor anyone else for that matter, remembered, hint hint. We were all first timers to the park, except for John of coarse, so you can imagine, we were like little kids again! My brother and I were crackin up at John and my brothers wife Leti, we called John, Clark Griswald, from National Lampoons Vacation, and Leti, Sally slowpoke. John took us on the Bataan Death March, and we covered every square inch of that park. It was so worth it. And thankfully the kids were amazing, Bash kept up and didn't complain once, with the exception of the ocassional "I want this or I want that" and Mia well, we just propped those bottles to her mouth, strapped her in the front pack and vamanos, we were gone. It was a truly amazing experience to see the look on the kids faces when we entered the park. PRICELESS! Two thumbs up, I'd go again in a heartbeat. Thank you John, once again, for making another dream of mine come true! Happy belated anniversary.
Were on our way kids Yes we took every CHEEZY angle imaginable! You're gonna be so over castles by the end of this post! What a trooper, Like she had a choice. Mia's like, "What is wrong with you people, Space Mountain is not for babies" I love this one of Bash & Mia watching the parade together Oh come on Disney, now thats just racial profiling! Cool black light rope toy, I don't know either. Sharing I like to call this photo Brangelina, "Watch out for the papparazzi, they'll getcha!"
"I said, get me out, YA HEARD!"
The End!