Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ririe 2008

These photos are none other than that of the creative genius Kelsey Call of Kelsey Call Photography. You can see more of her work by clicking on the Call- Kelsey & Jared link under (Links to Friends and Family) on the left side of my blog or click on the link under the link (My Blog List)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas finally came and just as quickly, Went !

What a fabulous Christmas! Although I really missed my family in Corpus Christi, the Brenners, Rickers, Yanet, and our ward were so wonderful in making me feel so loved and supported throughout the holiday season. I am so grateful for my wonderful family and of in-laws and my brothers and sisters in Christ, and lets not forget our wonderful Missionaries. It seemed as though everytime I opened my door, there were goodies being left or just people dropping in to say were thinking about you, do you need anything. The impression that those gestures left on my heart is simply overwhelming. I hope everyone I know can eventually experience the wonder and beauty that is our Church if they haven't already. I can truly say that this is one Christmas where I remembered or was reminded of the "reason for the season" daily.
Settin out the reindeer food and cookies and water for Santa. Bash thought Santa needed to drink something with less Lactose for his long trip

Guys already gettin into the football game Santa left

The boys were hard at work putting together the Star Wars AT-TE Legos ship Santa also left

Random Pre-Christmas Photos

Here are a mixture of pre-Christmas party photos. We are so glad Daddy could be off and able to enjoy these gatherings with us !

Sebastian still trying to make the nice list the day before Christmas !

Santa showed up at the Masonic Lodge Christmas party and handed out gifts to all the good boys and girls! Bash got one so I guess his yardwork paid off.

My Sicily girl posing for the camera

Bash's school party was soo fun especially cause Dad got to be a big part of it, Its not a party unless John's there hehe

Ward Christmas party

Trohpy Day / 1st Place Undefeated Eagles

Way to go Eagles, UNDEFEATED ! Woohoo !

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! '08'

Friday, December 12, 2008

Master Mason Ririe

Last Sunday in Relief society, the speaker asked if we knew anyone who was sort of an over-achiever (in a good way), someone who just can't stop learning and is constantly filling themselves with knowledge. I'm still a little shy to answer but the first person that came to my mind was my husband, John. This man is a remarkable scholar, and it just amazes me everyday how hungry for knowledge he is. In all aspects of his life, John is constantly seeking answers and information. His intelligence is astonishing and I am thankful that he is a man who puts it to good use. John, has found an outlet for his passion for knowledge and doing great works, on December 1st, John joined the fraternal order of the Freemasons and was made a Master Mason. It was an honor to be able to be by his side during the part of the ceremony where they presented him with the Holy Bible and his apron. I was able to present him with a ring which bears the symbol of the Masons. A couple of things from the ceremony that stood out in my mind were when the Worshipful Master presented him with the Bible, he said "Son, you may fail this book over and over throughout your life, but if you continue to abide by its teachings, It will NEVER fail you." That really touched me, and the second thing was when he reminded John that as a Mason he is taking on the lifelong commitment of upholding the duty to always live a good and Christ following life, and that one day when he is gone his children, nieces and nephews will remember him as a great man who stood for something great. Among the many men throughout history who became Masons, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, George Washington, Sir Isaac Newton, and Winston Churchill, were also Masons, just to name a few

Cub Scout Christmas Party

The Scout party was alot of fun for the boys, they got to wrap one of the crafts that they made the week before which I won't say what because someone will be unwrapping it for Christmas. But the wrapping and bow tying counted for a few achievements. They also got to exchange ornaments which was followed by pigging out! Oh, I did a little myself, I figure I only have 1 month and 1 week to do it, so watch out.

Its SNOWING in Humble ?!?!?!

"Its beginning to look alot like Christmas....." We could not believe our eyes when we decided to go visit the Brenners and what do we see? Yep, SNOW. What a blessing ! Bash is praying for a white Christmas.

Thanksgiving at the Ririe's '08'

This year we were so blessed to have had alot of family that were able to spend Thanksgiving with us. It was an absolute blessed day. My dad and his wife brought my nephew Thomas and my unlce John who lives in South Houston also dropped by. Along with Yanet, the Rickers, and Brenners, we were also thrilled to have had the Davis's over as well. My family kept commenting on how wonderful everyones company and conversation was. Thanksgiving was amazing, its only flaw was the abscence of those friends and relatives who could not be there to share it with.