Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheezy Valentine...

So, I know that this is SUPER DUPER cheezy, but after all isn't the whole concept of Valentine's day totally cheezy? Don't get me wrong I love it, that's why I find it appropriate to give lil gifts like this.
I found the cutest hand soaps made by Betty Crocker (for your kitchen I guess) they came in Apple Pie and Peach Cobbler. So I strapped a tag and wrote "I was SOAPIN you'd be my Valentine". Corny, I know but great for visit teaching or actually a number of other occasions. The tags are from the $1 bin at Target with all of the scrapbook stuff and the soaps are from the Dollar Tree, of coarse.

1. Dinner Invite- "I was SOAPIN you could come to dinner"
2. Apology- "I was SOAPIN you'd forgive me"
3. Sympathy- " I was SOAPIN you'd cheer up"
4. Get Well- "I was SOAPIN you'd be feelin better"
5. Welcome Neighbor- "We are SOAPIN to get to know your family"
The list goes on, let me know if you think of more!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love my camera, HATE the manual !!!

Still a long way off from where I want to be as far as photography goes, but I'm not going to let this camera win, I'm determined to learn and capturing lifes moments with my kids are well worth the effort.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

What are Big Brothers For?

It makes my heart skip a beat when I see these two playing together. I remember spending a lot of time with my big brother Mark, who happens to be exactly as far apart in age with me as Bash with Mia. There's something about a big brother paying attention to a little sister that reminds us that Heavenly Father knew exactly what he was doing when he put them together.

This is the cutest apron that Mia got for her birthday specially made by my good friend Amber. ( Amber, I appreciate you using "C" as a model, as you can see she's probably a little bit smaller in the waist than Mia, is there a such thing as baby plus size?) haha.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to me... the big 3 1 dun dun dun

I was telling John Sat. as we left for our date, how truly blessed I feel to be able to celebrate another year of life and know that even though life brings challenges, trials, and hardships, our Father in Heaven assures us that it will never amount to more than we can handle. We set out for our dinner date and I felt so at peace knowing that my children were safe at home with their Abuela and that no matter where we went in Houston, we would be kept safe and looked -after. I share this because I had many birthdays before I joined the Mormon church, that I was not sure what sort of trouble the night would bring. I am so grateful to all of my friends and family that remembered me this year on my birthday, it means the world to me to get just a phone call, but YOU PEOPLE, went out of your way to make this a truly amazing and memorable birthday. From a fabulous birthday luncheon with gal pals and kids, to cards and gifts and emails, and calls, it is overwhelming for me to know that I can count on all of you, thank you all, you know who you are!

Well, Saturday was the official big day, we took the kids to the annual Rodeo in the park, hosted by the Houston Livestock and Rodeo commision. It was fantastic and not to mention FREE!!! They had moon jumps, a petting zoo, pony rides, games, Houston SWAT team with their vehicle that kids could explore along with ammunition, HPD vehicle, HFD vehicle, free hotdogs, chips, popcorn, & drinks. We were joined by the Brenners and had an absolute blast.
Then later than evening my MIL offered to sit with the kids so John and I could enjoy a night on the town. We found this quaint little Indian restaurant downtown off of Lamar and Fannin called, Chutneys. EXCELLENT FOOD AND PRICES!! Only $34 buck for 3 entrees (we couldn't decide) and appatizers, and a ton left over. I only mention the price because around here, even lunch at an Indian restaurant is a lot more pricey. Then we headed out to find a fun place we could enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage. We found this up-scaled little pub dowtown called Coaches. John walks in and asks the bartender, "You got anything non-alcoholic", and she says yeah we have Bucklers, imported from Holland. We had so much fun, we teased each other about who would be able to drive home. haha. It was so much fun and may I add nice to know, we know there'd be no danger of a ticket or any other unpleasant event that usually follows a night of drinking like we used to.
Here are some pics. I took my new camera to the rodeo but forgot the battery (smooth)so I'm waiting on some that Josie took for us to post, so more to come...

FINALLY!! John got me the camera I've been wanting to get for soooo long!Thanks Pooter!

Peek A Boo...

Mia loves to play peek a boo, so now anywhere we go out to eat that has dinner napkins, she'll wanna play! And let me tell ya, it never gets old, especially at Olive Garden.

Girl can shake it!

So, we discovered at Bash's birthday party that his lil sister can move. She's got crazy moves and LOVES Michael Jackson as much as her parents and brother. Her favorite: "Startin Something". Enjoy!

Too pooped to party !

Oh my goodness, we've had birthday mania insania here at the Ririe house. Mia's was on the 21st and Bash's on the 25th, so I told John let's just get them both out of the way in one weekend so that we don't prolong it all month long. So, we did, and I'm happy to report, they were both great turnouts, despite a ton of setting up, cleaning up and work. But, we had plenty of help with my mom here so thanks mom! I owe you big. Mia had a Wizard of Oz them tea party, and Bash had a Michael Jackson theme dance party.

Mia greeting her guests on the yellow brick road
Mia with her Mima, Grandma Verna, and Abuela
ruby slipper favors
Mima We made Valentine frame crafts
she discovered Cheese Puffs, yum!
take two
First candle present time

Bash's Michael Jackson Dance Contest Party- They had pizza, cake, and about 40 dance offs.
This was my attempt to make a Michael Jackson cake, I made a cookie cake them shaped the jacket, then instead of icing, which I hate too much of, I covered it in Fruit Roll ups, which everyone loves, then they just peeled it off of their slice and enjoyed both, I made the glove and lined the jacket with glitter sparkle sprinkles and gel.
Happy 9th
Dance contest underway sweet moves boys
love the Robot Bash! good donkey kick Earl
Tyler ready to make his move