Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{How do you spell relief}

So once again, the genius moron that I am with this phone camcorder, I held it wrong and so you get the sideway view but it's still funny no matter what view you see it in I must say. If anyone out there in blogland knows how to rotate a video, please let me know. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Have a WINNER !!!!

Mrs. Brittany Knudsen, you are the lucky winner of a $35 gift code to any of over 200 CSN stores online. I will email you the code tonight.
After compiling all emails, posts, and comments, Randomizer Results chose our winner. Thank you everyone who participated. I'll be doing another giveaway in 2 weeks so try again!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

{Home-made Halloween}

This year was an AWESOME Halloween! I made Mia's (Matador) costume and got Beckhams his (Toro/Bull) horns from a dog costume at Target, it's really a moose, but I lost steam after Mia's, then Bash wanted to be (Bruce Lee) so I got him the muscle shirt and scrub pants at GW and made the nunchucks out of a paper towel roll and foil. So, there you have it my homemade bunch. We did so many activities while my parents were in town, I'll just let you scroll down and see. Enjoy!
"Matador Mia" "Bull's Eye Beckham" "Bruce Lee Bash"
Grandpa Joe and Grandma Elva came and we had a Farmtastic time. We went to two while they were here Dewberry and Old Mcdonald.

Mia and her pals feeding the donkey
Early Sat. morning we headed out to Bash's soccer game which was awesome: 1. the weather was gorgeous 2. I had help wrangling the kids and 3. he scored a couple of goals

Then it was off to Dewberry Farms. By this time it was super duper hot, but the kids enjoyed their time there. Mia was in my belly the last time we went so it was all new to her. She'sdefinitely up for another trip soon. Maybe we'll pick out our Christmas tree there.

We did some trick or treating just on 2 streets, I mean it's just not the same anymore. It used to be about silly, scary, or character costumes for kids, now it's like these tweenie-boppers that use it as an excuse to dress like an exotic dancer, nothing against that career choice, but seriously for a twelve year old it's a bit much. So, after an exhausting weekend, we headed home to hand out candy to the stragglers which lasted til about 9:30pm, I know didn't they have school the next day?, and watch "How to train your dragon", super cute movie if you've never seen it.

First United Methodist Fall Festival
This was a fun Christian based family fall carnival that had the works, every activity the kids did had a scripture attached to the prize and they served a hot dog / frito pie dinner.

And last but not least, we can't forget the Call/Stansel Halloween party, it was a hoot!

So that's it, time to get ready for Black friday Thanksgiving...

{Someone is missing someone}

Can you guess who?

{For Grandma Verna}

Bash finally cooperated in letting me shoot him. My mom's always demanding pics of him. Here you are mom, I love this kid!

I took profile pics of the kids for my silhouette stencils and after really looking at them, I noticed how hilarious they were, especially Beckhams.
Scaredy cat