Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rome Day 1 {Vatican City}

Our first day in Rome we set out for Vatican City. It was a short walk to the tour bus and then a short ride to the Vatican. This was a gorgeous street a couple of blocks from our hotel, but I love the colors and flags in this image.  

The kids were so excited to start the day's adventures and it being a really brisk morning seemed to give them an extra pep.

I made John stop at all of the antique shops…oh I was in my happy place, all I could think was which suitcase I would stuff all of my loot in.

I love this picture I just happened to capture from the tour bus. Hey, gladiators need to eat too. Pickin up lunch for his crew.

Vatican City  the steps leading up to the Sistine Chapel  the hall leaving the Sistine  halls that lead to St. Peter's Basilica  This guy was hammin it up for Ainsley

Rome Day 1 {St. Peter's Basilica}

Since John had already been here he took the littles ones to play out by the fountains so that Sebastian and I could take our time exploring this wondrous place. The feeling when you enter is overwhelming. It's beauty is breathtaking and it's architecture unforgettable. I was amazed that there was a mass going on while hundreds of tourists crowded the building snapping away photos, yet everyone very quiet and respectful.


Rome Day 2 {The Colosseum}

Il Colosseo… We could have spent the whole day there, let's just say we got asked "not to do that" a few times. I have to say after watching a bull fight in Spain the similarities in the seating, structure, and formalities of the events are so similar. I'll blog more about that when I do the Spain post.