Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hallo-lujah...Halloween is over

Ok the post title is terrible for many reasons but mostly because I am normally all about Halloween....I love it! However, being as big as I am and and less than 2 months from my due date, I've just run out of the Halloween spirit. I still managed to squeeze in the same ole traditions and homemade costumes, but after the last trick or treater rang our doorbell, I was so relieved! Hopefully next year will be less stressful and I will be a few pounds lighter.  (If I keep eating my kids candy the way I am, there's no way I'll being any lighter)

 Playgroup dress up party
 Pumpkin hunt

Mia and Beck's best gal pals

 The dynamic duo

 after each house, this guy would take out another candy and shout " open "
 these two tag-teamed a massive amount of candy

Monday, October 29, 2012


Our neighbors really went all out on their annual Halloween Spooktacular...They had a petting zoo, pony rides, a haunted green house, bounce house, pinata, pizza, tons of candy...I mean it was like overload, but so fun.  The only bad thing is that Mia's birthday is in a couple of months and this did not help in my planning, she's thinking she's getting this and I was thinking more like cake and punch, oh what's a mom to do?

Peacock and Peter Pan

My favorite part about homemade costumes is being able to make them as inexpensive as you want. Mia's Peacock costume was probably $15 total after my coupons, and Beckham's Peter Pan was about $3 total, mainly because I had to cut up one of my t-shirts to make his tights...I'd say that's a pretty good little budget for these two. They are so excited to put on their costumes and go trick or treating and that keeps me motivated, because as soon I finish a costume the thought "I will never make a costume again" comes to mind.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Children's Museum Fall fun Day

 I love this place, it's not big or small...the activities are perfectly planned for all ages and hosted by the most adorable lady whom my kids adore.

Judging by the next few photos from the doctors office exhibit, my kids have been to one too many ob appt. with me

practicing being a sweet big brother

Not sure where it came from or how to spell it, but everytime we play doctor, Mia says she's Dr. Gunthe' pronounced goon-theh

Afternoon at the park

Dad's been bombarded with homework lately so the recent Saturdays we've been hitting up the parks to let him study...I love this time with my little ones, they let loose, get dirty, and just play with each other nonstop.

 lying on our backs, we marveled at God's creations, told silly stories and sang songs

 Can't wait til Saturday!