Friday, October 12, 2012

Texas part II

It's really cool to have my mom still live in the same neighborhood I grew up kids get to hit up all the parks and fun places I used to enjoy.  

notice Mia in the background, helping herself to some chicklets
My first nephew and I have children who are each about 6 months it weird that I have great nieces and nephews? Well, I did come along 8 years after my brother and sister.
If you've ever been to Texas, you've at least heard of a paletera. They are mostly known and loved for their delicious all natural paletas (popsicles) made with fresh fruit and fruit cups drizzled in the traditional seasoning of salt, lime, and chile...let's just say it's everything pregnant woman's dream come true.  We quickly became regulars during our vacation.  My nephew nearly landed me in the hospital for hypertension after he and I shared an "Angelito"'s a sort of icee with lemon juice and salt, so yummy, but terrible for your tooth enamel, and horrible if your already having issues with water retention.

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