Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Too many to count}

So John and I used to celebrate the anniversary of the day we met in Feb. of 2006, then we got married and celebrated that one, then we got sealed and now we celebrate that one. Well, here's to meeting you kid, 5 short years ago, Te quiero much mucho y tanto tanto!

{32 yrs Young & 6 mo Old}

I'm writitng this post, rather than send the same ole card,
to express thanks for my birthday dinner, from the bottom of my heart
I had a wonderful time and could have stayed all night...
visiting and laughing, but my kids got tired and were quite a sight.
The dinner was spectacular and the cake was perfection,
I'm lucky to have an MIL that cooks with such affection!
Also a big thanks for gifts given with such love and thought
I have no doubt that I'll soon use everything that I got.
I hope this expresses how grateful I feel, that you took the time to make my 32nd a big deal!

So, as you may have guessed I'm another year older, SIGH... But I'm lovin the ride and thankful for everyday on this earth. My mother in law made me a lovely dinner with a decadent cake and the Brenners came along to celebrate. We all just sort of followed the kids upstairs and settled on the floor and just laughed and carried on, it was a fun night. Until kiddos started showing signs of well, ok they turned into dragons, I'm speaking of my own. But a memorable night to say the least. The next night our friends invited us over for another birthday dinner. She had the neatest idea to let us all make our own calzones, a winner for the kids! Then for my cake the stuck candles in a batch of "No Bake Cookies". It was my 1st time trying both the dinner and dessert, and I must say I'm a big fan of both! I cannot thank them enough for making my birthday weekend so special. Love you all!

Speaking of birthdays... Someone is halfway to his 1st today. Our little Becks is 6 mo. old, I still can't believe it, I guess the fact that he is now wearing a size 4 shoe is a huge reminder that he's getting bigger older. Oh dear, that's all I have to say about that.