Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stop growing little ones

The Souk {Dar Bouazza}

We are so fortunate to have this "Wednesday Market" or souk, as the locals call it, so close to our house.  You can find fresh produce, meat, home goods, used clothes, and everything in between…and pay close to nothing. 


Our first little adventure out in Morocco…Rabat, the capitol, and also home to the king and his family. 

Granada, España and {Gibraltar}

 John had to keep reminding me that I wasn't dreaming. I couldn't believe what a beautiful city Granada is. We made the drive from Sevilla, just to see La Alambra in all its glory. Absolutely breathtaking. You could walk for miles and miles and the beauty will never cease. This was a perfect site for the kids, they got to explore, run around, and have lots of fun without watching what they touched or danger of cars. It was a fabulous afternoon.

Cross this one off the bucket list… the Rock of Gibraltar, we actually saw it.

Sevilla, España

I would make this trek again and again in a heartbeat. Some of the most beautiful architecture I've seen was in this city. We found a quaint little apartment for the week downtown and had the best time exploring. We took a sight seeing bus which was worth every penny because not only did it take us to all of the hot spots, but one of the stops was Plaza De España… probably one of my favorite sites so far.