Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm cooking the turkey for Thankgiving? I'm Mexican but I'll try!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, Hope you have safe and Blessed day!!!

Thanksgiving Kickoff Disco Dance

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mia's Baby Shower

John and I are so grateful to all of those who were able to attend our baby shower. We had the most amazing time with all of you. Thank you for everything! A huge THANK YOU to Mom, Adie, and Carrie, and everyone else who contributed. Your time and effort that you put into that shower is truly appreciated. We just really miss all of you and were overwhelmed with joy, to be able to spend that little time with each and everyone of you. Thanks again.
My Girls ! Feed the Baby Game
Uncle John and Sicily My mom had the cutest idea, she filled this carriage with green apple and pink vanilla popcorn balls, they were a big hit!

Bobcat patch

Tonight was uniform inspection at scouts and Bash's den did excellent ! It was also a special night because Bash earned his Bobcat patch. The tradition is to pin the patch on upside down until the scout does a good deed, OR you can turn the scout upside down and then pin him. John made it just on time to present him with his patch and Bash's face lit up when he saw his dad. It was a proud moment for the both of them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008 / Lake Jackson

Ok as you can tell the kids were SO not trying to get their pictures taken. They were more concerned with other things like, pushing a wagon, gettin candy, and then stuffn their faces full of it.
Check out how Livi's eyes are glazed over from the loads of candy she consumed.
"It's all mine!"
We're waitn
Bay the "Cheerleader girl" Ty & Bash checkn their progress, (they both have pregnant moms)
Mini Livi
What? NO answer, BOO!