Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Antiquing we did go..."

Our first week here, Mia and I headed for one of my favorite places to browse, drool, wish, and sometimes shop, depending on the prices, ANTIQUE ROW. Oh how I love this place! It's just a really eclectic part of town that has a strip of antique shops filled with anything and everything an antiquer/thrifter/bargain hunter, would LOVE ! I know a lot of friends in Humble who shall remain nameless, that would be drooling over this stuff. If you come down and visit, I promise to take you, you know who you are. 

This reminds me of my MIL Hello Ricky Martin, anybody rememebr Menudo? This is the view from the second floor of Renaissance Shop
This chair was done by a local artist who refinishes, upholsters, and paints them. 
Love the dressing room These were only 8 bucks a piece, what a steal! 
I so wanted this, but was worried about the paint, I guess I could refinish it? Nah, too lazy! 

Seriously, Honking made you that MAD !

Yesterday morning as I was driving back from dropping off Bash at school, I came to a four-way stop where I was behind a Raging Lunatic who opened her door and starting yelling at the top of her lungs at the intersection, just as she got back into her vehicle I honked for her to go. Well, BIG mistake, she started to do the ole stop and go game and almost came to a complete stop so that I couldn't go past her (punishment for honking at her APPARENTLY), so I passed her and she gunned it for me. I started to slow down and she full on smashed her little truck into the back of my SUV. As you see in the pictures I'm so grateful to have been in a vehicle that was able to withstand the impact without causing much damage and no injury to Mia, little Beckham or myself. I'm so grateful that the Spirit was watching over us this morning. My anger and shock as I exited my truck quickly turned to sorrow for this poor woman. Something was REALLY bothering her that morning and my "honk" must have driven her to ROAD RAGE. Really, you were that mad, I hope it was worth it!
Seriously Lady!!!
I hope this made you feel better!

PhotobucketMy truck...I couldn't believe it either.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Corpus Christi, TX | | Three Year Old Killed In Accident In Front Of Chuck E. Cheese

Serious wake up call, for all of us with little ones that just dart out in parking lots innocently. This happened at the Chuck E Cheese here in Corpus that Mia and I were just at last Thurs. Please keep their family in your prayers!

Friday, May 21, 2010

TUTU Cute!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New friends, new faces, same family, same places...

Our first Friday in Corpus
As soon as John got out of work we headed to our favorite "duck park" as we like to call it, otherwise known as "Lakeview", with some cat food (turtles love it!) and bread (for the ducks of coarse - although Mia enjoyed her share of both). Bash loves going out there to feed the ducks because they all crowd around you as soon as they know you have food and the turtles immediately head toward the surface when a little food hits the water. It took a while for Mia to get used to the ducks around her because they are after all her size if not a little bigger. We had to be really careful because they tend to knip if you don't feed fast enough and they will definitely follow you for more food ALL OVER THE PARK. After the park we took my parents to Aladdins, one of Corpus's newest Meditteranean and Syrian restaurants that now features my favorite, yep, a seperate Indian menu. Beckham will be tired of it by the time he's born.

Sizing him up
I only put this pic because a friend who hasn't seen me in a while asked if I was showing yet, uhhh, does this answer your question? CHUBBO, I blame the baby, not the nightly trip to Baksin Robbins, seriously !!!

She'll never know how close she came to being carried away by a flock of seagulls
We probably should've cut smaller pieces, huh Bash?
John invited a co-worker and his family to join us and Mia was scoping their daughter up and down I guess she checks out!
Those little drowsy eyes let us know just when its time to go home
Restful afternoons were spent watching the kids play outside, climbing trees, being super silly and eating every snack my mom made for them.

Bash quickly found his old friends and happened to make some new ones. I was thrilled when he asked permission to go play at the ditch that I used to play at MANY MANY MANY a few years ago, it brought back old memories of riding my bike (which I cleverly nicknamed "The Desert Rose") down there, catching minnows, bike racing, jumping the ditch, and getting super dirty. Which is why it was no surprise to me when Bash came home with his pants soaking wet up to his hips and his shoes covered in mud. By he did make out with some minnows and crawfish. Nice!