Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seriously, Honking made you that MAD !

Yesterday morning as I was driving back from dropping off Bash at school, I came to a four-way stop where I was behind a Raging Lunatic who opened her door and starting yelling at the top of her lungs at the intersection, just as she got back into her vehicle I honked for her to go. Well, BIG mistake, she started to do the ole stop and go game and almost came to a complete stop so that I couldn't go past her (punishment for honking at her APPARENTLY), so I passed her and she gunned it for me. I started to slow down and she full on smashed her little truck into the back of my SUV. As you see in the pictures I'm so grateful to have been in a vehicle that was able to withstand the impact without causing much damage and no injury to Mia, little Beckham or myself. I'm so grateful that the Spirit was watching over us this morning. My anger and shock as I exited my truck quickly turned to sorrow for this poor woman. Something was REALLY bothering her that morning and my "honk" must have driven her to ROAD RAGE. Really, you were that mad, I hope it was worth it!
Seriously Lady!!!
I hope this made you feel better!

PhotobucketMy truck...I couldn't believe it either.


  1. okay wait a second. It doesn't even look like she TOUCHED your car!!! And hers is smashed!! AMAZING!!!!! Thanks for your sweet comments by the way :) I LOVE reading your blog too :) Its always exciting and full of bright beautiful pictures!!! (Especially of the kids :) )

  2. i am confused, have you moved to corpus? love,love the photos of your darling children. glad you're safe. love, elaine

  3. That is SO scary America! I am glad you are all ok. What happened to the lady? Big ol ticket???
    We miss you guys!

  4. Talk about road rage. What a crazy lady...wonder what was going on with her? Hopefully after she crashed into you she didn't go bazerk! GLad you and the kids safe, we miss you here :)

  5. Wow. Road rage is an understatement. You are nice to be worried about her having a bad day. I think swear words would be going through my head lol. I miss you! I need to call you soon. I've been thinking about you and I am so glad you got to corpus safely. I LOVE those tutu pictures of Mia!

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  7. OUCH!!! I'm glad that you are ok. A little road rage looks like a lot road rage. These pictures so show how fast she was gunning for your car thank the Lord she did not injure you or Mia or you new little one. Seriously lady was it worth it?


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