Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If I didn't fall off the face of the earth, didn't join the peace corp, didn't run off to be a Broadway star, and didn't crawl under a rock (although lately I've wanted to with all the "changes" ahead)...where have I been??? Not in BLOGLAND that's for sure! Well, now that we've officially got word that we're moving, things have been moving at like warp speed and my head is spinning. That being said... I've finally made time to update and will put you up to warp speed in the goings on of the Riries...Enjoy!
Sebastian is still happy to participate in anything that will allow him to dress in full camo, how else are you gonna dress to launch a pop rocket?
still aspiring to make her debut on America's Best Dance Crew, Mia's enjoying gymnastics, ballet, and tap...
Beckham is still diligently studying his scriptures...he prefers the illustrations in A Child's Story of the Book of Mormon from 1962 as opposed to the more modern versions out there today

all things Halloween

I swoon all things leading up to, on, and after Halloween! We get to make and taste a ton of goodies and sweet treats, go to parties, dress up, eat candy, then enjoy all the after sales... Everybody wins!
we tried making candy apples this year
not bad for our 1st time

costume parade at MOD

marshmallow treats
Mia's gal pals at school

ok it's official!!! Mia's first crush...her teachers told me that she is often seen caressing his cheeks and heard asking him "are you having a good day", she's been seen feeding him her food, and they've also been seen hugging, A LOT!!! I won't give his name but it's the cutest ever, it's the last name of the host of Bravo TV's Watch What Happens Live. My mom has a picture just like this of me and my first crush "James", I only remember his name because my family NEVER let me live it down. I'm on a mission to find that picture!
pumpkin carving sundae bar
Ursula (her choice), the burglar, and Nacho consumed more candy on that night than I had room in the trash can to dispose of the wrappers

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mini Reunion-San Antonio

My grandma, she's 92 and still as awesome as ever! "there's no basement at the Alamo"

we made mini candy apples-they are now my new go to for parties and last minute bring alongs.
finally all together after 2 1/2 years These two are twin cousins...born on the same day in two seperate cities, their 3rd time seeing each other...they pretty much just pick up where they left off everytime!