Thursday, May 31, 2012

Georgia on my mind

On our journey to southern Florida we decided to break up the drive over a few stops at at a couple of cities I've always wanted to see.  The ATL was as happening as I thought it would be...we took the kids to the world famous Coca Cola museum, it was hands down one of the most amazing attractions we've been to so far...then we made our way to the ever so charming Savannah, oh I died, loved it! Being that my laptop crapped out two days before we left, and my computer is in route to fl. I'll have to just share from my trusty phone, enjoy!

The suite life

Ever spend over a week in a hotel?... It's amazing how quickly you miss home, well I should say as an adult you wanna go home,as a kid however it's like a permanent vacation...they love it! They get a plethora of breakfast choices in the morning, swim at the pool, lots of playing sardines (a variation of hide & seek), snuggling together at bedtime, eating at every fast food, drive thru, diner, taqueria, pizzaria, and Asian restaurant in the West Palm area...did I mention we're still waiting for all of or possessions to arrive from Texas? Well until then we're living the "suite life"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Like, Totally Rad!

A party fanatic friend of mine decided to make an 80's theme birthday party for her hubby, I thought I liked to throw a good soiree, but she's a maniac. I'm so jealous cause I've been wanting to throw John one, but when he turned 30 I was prego with Beck and couldn't dress up, then last year he was in Algeria so, I had live through my gal pal, so,  I set up a photo booth inspired by my dear friend Christa, who set one up for our farewell party last year. It was seriously addicting- putting on props, posing, and snapping away. We ended the night with trivia, gag 80's gadgets gift exchange, and ice cream about a blast from the past.
What a wonderful  Easter we spent here in Alabama...It's amazing to me how much anything in life can be related to the Savior's atoning sacrifice...any situation (feeling un-loved- think of His love for you) (feeling blessed- a result of the atonement) (struggling with forgiveness- He died so we could be forgiven, therefore we should forgive others) the talks were so amazing at our Easter service, I know that the Lord brought us here for a reason, and we are grateful for this experience.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chack a nOOda

We finally made our way over to the great state of Tennessee. It was as gorgeous as everyone said it would be. I wish we could have stayed longer, but we didn't think the Easter bunny would find us at our hotel. We left late Friday because as luck would have it, right before our departure my back passenger window decided to take the day off.... we took it to a mechanic thinking it would be a cheap and easy fix...wrong, several hundred dollars and hours later, we were off. We would have made good time had it not been for a certain toddler who we probably would have been better off catheterizing, because 2 sippy cups and 1 bottle of bug juice later, we had to make a dozen potty the time we reached the state line we had the drill down.  It was a memorable and fun trip...we love Chattanooga, or as Mia says "Chackanooda".

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Re-purposed Wreath