Friday, April 20, 2012

"Let the games begin"

I finally finished the book, right in time for book club...we all brought a Hunger Games dish, played games, ate, painted nails, chalk highlighted our hair, ate some more, then headed out to the theatre for the midnight showing. Hello current favorite movie!

my last minute French Apple Tart

"May the odds be ever in your favor"

I hate goodbyes

As much as I hate saying goodbye, seems like that's been a pattern in our lives lately. I came across these pics and uggghhhh, I miss you gals!!!!!! It pains me to think that I'm going to be posting a sequel to this one as we finally found a house in Florida and only have a month left in Birmingham. booo

Murder Mystery Dinner...I was Stacy Sperrit the cheerleader and John was Ameri Hindu, a foreign exchange student, get it?

This one is was taken at the Janet Jackson concert during the Houston Rodeo over a year ago

Our shopping trip to Canton last year...we shopped til we dropped literally, put it this way, we predicted the damage we would do so we rented a Uhaul I miss you Houston friends!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012

It's so hard to believe that this beautiful state park, Oak Mountain, is less than 20 min. away...there's a quaint little man made beach that is gorgeous, the water is cool, the sand is smooth, and there are showers and convenient parking...loved it!

McWane Science Museum

Birmingham Zoo-1/2 price during sprink break, it was bananas!
the primary... actually the stake youth, not really

Whooooa Back UP!

I've really become a disgrace in the world of blogging, I'm just gonna dump all of these catch up photos into several posts and forget that it took me this long to post them, enjoy.

National Pancake Day at IHOP

We ran a 5k with lots of friends in 20 degree weather

I celebrated my 33rd

We started "Picnic & a Flick" Tuesdays

Pinkalicious party at the library

My babies started MDO, they love it!

Mom came for a Wickedly good visit

Grammy came too

One of a few trips to the Birmingham Zoo- where are the animals? I think I've posted enough of those in my history of blogging...and there are more zoo trips coming up...haha

After dinner at Chuy's, we took our hubbies to see Hunger Games

Date night at the gun range