Wednesday, January 21, 2015

El Jadida {Citerne Portugaise}

I finally got around to editing these pictures and had forgotten what a truly beautiful city it is. We took a short day trip to finally see where John lived for a couple of months before the kids and I go to join him. It's a small city with John's project just on the outskirts… but was surrounded by a beautiful beach and is well known for a luxurious resort at the entrance of the city coming from Casablanca. Aside from that, perhaps it's more well known for its old medina and the Portuguese Cistern nestled in the center of the medina. It is astonishing how cheap it is to tour their museums and historical sites, and also how little barrier or security is placed to preserve and protect them from visitors. You are basically allowed to just roam and wonder and touching everything is not really frowned upon. So, as you can imagine our kids really appreciated these places !