Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Antiquing we did go..."

Our first week here, Mia and I headed for one of my favorite places to browse, drool, wish, and sometimes shop, depending on the prices, ANTIQUE ROW. Oh how I love this place! It's just a really eclectic part of town that has a strip of antique shops filled with anything and everything an antiquer/thrifter/bargain hunter, would LOVE ! I know a lot of friends in Humble who shall remain nameless, that would be drooling over this stuff. If you come down and visit, I promise to take you, you know who you are. 

This reminds me of my MIL Hello Ricky Martin, anybody rememebr Menudo? This is the view from the second floor of Renaissance Shop
This chair was done by a local artist who refinishes, upholsters, and paints them. 
Love the dressing room These were only 8 bucks a piece, what a steal! 
I so wanted this, but was worried about the paint, I guess I could refinish it? Nah, too lazy! 

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