Thursday, November 21, 2013

Summer 2013 {before we set out for Morocco}

This year our family made the decision to move to Morocco…why? because if moving twice the year before with 3 kids, then having a fourth kid during the second move and then moving again but this time over seas isn't too much, then what's the point of life? 

John had to mobilize to his project in May, so he set out to Morocco before us to get our house and car situated.  Meanwhile back in the US, I held the fort down until school was out, then literally 2 days after school was out, I packed a 4 bedroom house, sent it off in a POD to Texas, then headed off into the sunset the next day with all 4 littles… 20 hours later we arrived in Texas, boy were we glad to get home.

We spent almost a month visiting family before John came back to fly us to Casablanca.

These are from the lake house… lot's of fishing, bonfires, smores, and swimming went on there.

Dad was gone so we sent him this pic for Father's Day "We Love Daddy"

I love when you can vacation long enough to do the simple stuff, like sidewalk chalk and walks on the beach, or going for a ride downtown with a fun drink and snacks. 

We visited the Harbor Bridge while in Corpus Christi, I had no idea they had added beautiful color changing lights. The kids wanted to go there every night.

 The littlest turned 6 months 

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  1. I haven't looked at blogs in far too long! I'm so glad I looked at yours today. It was fun to catch up on your blog for a few minutes. That last pic of Ainsley KILLS me!! I'm dying laughing! What a beauty she is. I miss you my friend!


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