Monday, October 8, 2012

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I wanted to share this post from a dear friend of mines blog...I absolutely adore Tara, and she is a huge part of the foundation of my testimony...her post melted my heart and I hope it inspires you too. More from Tara at 
Your Treasure by: Tara Hart
"I bought this picture two years ago when we moved into our home with the intent of putting it up in our living room, but it didn't fit the niche, so it ended up in the game room.  It is a rather large picture and the only one in the entire room.  It has a scripture on the wall right next to it that reads, "Where your treasure is there will be your heart also" Matthew 6:21.  Upon placing the picture there I felt there was great purpose in its placement as I knew this would be the place of playing with toys, watching TV, and ultimately where family time would take place.

This afternoon I walked into the game room and upon entering I found Kaylee, who is 5 years old, staring at this picture on our wall.  She was gazing so deeply she didn't move when I first sat by her.  I interrupted her gaze by gently asking, "Kaylee, what are you doing?" She responded quietly, without breaking her intent thinking and said, "Mom. I miss him."  Quite taken back I said, "You mean you remember Him?"  She said, "Yes, he looks just like that."  Trying not to disturb her thoughts I sat back and watched her look, stare and long for him.  She then said, "I love him and I want him to come back."

It is moments like these that I can only wonder, Why? How? can one not believe.  Children are such a integral part of this amazing plan.  They teach and they KNOW. They know because they REMEMBER.  I don't think the knowledge of the spirit world is taken from them in one moment at birth, but gradually, and every once in a while we get to have these beautiful moments of their remembrance.  Not only to remind them, but to remind US.  He is real.  He is there and He WILL COME."

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