Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Too pooped to party !

Oh my goodness, we've had birthday mania insania here at the Ririe house. Mia's was on the 21st and Bash's on the 25th, so I told John let's just get them both out of the way in one weekend so that we don't prolong it all month long. So, we did, and I'm happy to report, they were both great turnouts, despite a ton of setting up, cleaning up and work. But, we had plenty of help with my mom here so thanks mom! I owe you big. Mia had a Wizard of Oz them tea party, and Bash had a Michael Jackson theme dance party.

Mia greeting her guests on the yellow brick road
Mia with her Mima, Grandma Verna, and Abuela
ruby slipper favors
Mima We made Valentine frame crafts
she discovered Cheese Puffs, yum!
take two
First candle present time

Bash's Michael Jackson Dance Contest Party- They had pizza, cake, and about 40 dance offs.
This was my attempt to make a Michael Jackson cake, I made a cookie cake them shaped the jacket, then instead of icing, which I hate too much of, I covered it in Fruit Roll ups, which everyone loves, then they just peeled it off of their slice and enjoyed both, I made the glove and lined the jacket with glitter sparkle sprinkles and gel.
Happy 9th
Dance contest underway sweet moves boys
love the Robot Bash! good donkey kick Earl
Tyler ready to make his move


  1. Now thats a party! People everywhere. It looks like Mia had a great time. Happy Birthday Mia!!!!!
    (those have to be the cutest cheeks I have ever seen.)

  2. you are the funnest mom EVER! darling birthday party ideas and loved the "frosting with fruit roll ups" idea! genius! love you guys.


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