Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas finally came and just as quickly, Went !

What a fabulous Christmas! Although I really missed my family in Corpus Christi, the Brenners, Rickers, Yanet, and our ward were so wonderful in making me feel so loved and supported throughout the holiday season. I am so grateful for my wonderful family and of in-laws and my brothers and sisters in Christ, and lets not forget our wonderful Missionaries. It seemed as though everytime I opened my door, there were goodies being left or just people dropping in to say were thinking about you, do you need anything. The impression that those gestures left on my heart is simply overwhelming. I hope everyone I know can eventually experience the wonder and beauty that is our Church if they haven't already. I can truly say that this is one Christmas where I remembered or was reminded of the "reason for the season" daily.
Settin out the reindeer food and cookies and water for Santa. Bash thought Santa needed to drink something with less Lactose for his long trip

Guys already gettin into the football game Santa left

The boys were hard at work putting together the Star Wars AT-TE Legos ship Santa also left

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  1. sup man!!!! you look great man.. im super happy for you and your fam ..
    you look like a cool ass dad .lol.

    congrats on the baby girl man peace



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