Monday, March 30, 2009

New Orleans - Day 2

This was a fabulously beautiful day that the Lord made. We woke up early and set out for adventure, in shopping that is. I had one mission and one mission only, to find the coveted and world famous... Beignets, pronounced bin-yay. Its actually just French for doughnut. It refers to a pastry made from deep-fried dough and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar. Brought to Louisiana by the Acadians, they were well worth the trek. It tasted like a little fist full of funnel cake. But they didn't come without a price. While having brunch at a lil cafe across from the french market, we spotted our vehicle, so we thought cool, all the shopping and food is right near the truck. We finish eating and decide to go to the car, but to our surprise... ITS GONE!!! Yep towed in like less than 5 min. right behind our backs about 60 feet away. So as tourists do, we caught a cab to the impound, shelled out the cash, got the truck and kept on trekin! You can't keep the Ririe's down, not when there are pastries to be discovered.

After John convinced me to pose for this pic, I read the sign that said "Plz, no pics with masks" The intersection of the Towing I was getting a pic of the Monster Energy Drink truck and the waitor thought I was taking a pic of him Remember from the movie Big "Zoltar" NO we didn't go in, but the song's cool Deeeelish

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