Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{July 4th part 2}

If there is one thing my family has a lot of , it's COUSINS, my goodness, my kids have the time of their lives when they get to see their cousins. Most of the ones that are my age hadn't met Beckham yet so it was so much fun to get to see their reactions. We stayed at the Holiday Inn on the beach so we'd be close enough to fun stuff on the sand and of coarse the Texas State Aquarium, which by the way has definitely beefed up their exhibits, shows, and outside waterpark. It was well worth it.

John always says that I'm the world's worst junk food junkie, and he says that our kids will more than likely be just like their mom if I keep giving them Hot Cheetos and sour punch straws... so I sent him this pic.

Fun at Carrie & Bob's house

Independence day celebration at the water gardens
clearly her pinky is losing circulation from having my dad wrapped around it so tight
The perfect end to a perfect week, fireworks on the bayfront

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