Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Summer is Here}

This year summer is bittersweet...On one hand I think of the fun summer camps, swimming, vacations, spending time with family...BUT on the other, I think of my sweet baby Beckham, because as soon as summer is over, he'll be 1 year old...sigh, sniff sniff

He is ALL over the place Chasing dolls around furniture, climbing the stair and Oh, dare I type it... taking steps

Mia has started a darling cooking camp. They are growing veggies, cooking, learning about food groups, and lot's of other reasons for her to be more interested in my stove and pots and pans. Last week they made pudding and she did not, I rephrase, refused to come home. She loves her teachers, and so, I think I may have to suck it up sew her a nap mat...Pics of that coming soon
Pool pics

the bitterness continues as my 1st baby boy will only have one more year in elementary


  1. Great pictures and what a sweet family. Beckmann is SO cute!!

  2. Those first pictures of Beckham are to die for! I just can't even believe how old he is looking!


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