Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My poor little pneumoniac...

First off, thank you all for your emails and calls, Mia is doing great now and has completely recovered, I think it is because we were out of town for Thanksgiving and no one had heard from us then the word leaked and spread like wild fire that rumors and concern grew so quickly. She started getting really sick the Sat. after Thanksgiving in Corpus and so after the pediatricians exchange told us to go to ER, we sped to Houston. She was immediately admitted and hooked up to an IV and had multiple tests and x-rays taken. (SIDE NOTE: Kingwood Medical is not the greatest place to go with a child in need of URGENT care!!!) So, there were of course no beds so we were treated in the hallway for 13 hours and even cathed, HELLO HIPPA!!! Anyway, you can see after the IV and meds started to kick in, she was happy again. The real fun began at home after we were discharged  when the diarrhea continued and we got a wicked diaper rash for extra fun. But, she's a trooper, and can you believe, didn't lose a pound, that's John's favorite part.

Right after the IV, so not happy


So much better


  1. OMG I'm glad to hear she is better poor baby. I hate it when they get sick like that and have to have those needles OUCH!! Take care.

  2. I still feel terrible we didn't even KNOW about this until a week later!! I'm sorry I'm so not in the loop :) Hopefully there won't be a next time, but if there is we'll be there!


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