Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Are you talking to me?

What is the deal? This is something that has been plaguing me since our move from Texas.  When we first moved here, I encountered some of the rudest behavior of my entire life.  The more and more we talked with friends native and not native to this part of Florida, they say the same thing, get used to it, people here are rude!!! I've done my best to hold my toungue and pray about these situations, other times, my out of control hormonal pregnant body and brain get the best of me and I will confront people. Not in crazy I'm going to kill you way, but more like a why would you do that or say that or could you please not do that or say that way. Ugghh, people please remember others around you and be coureteous and kind, be the example...I will most certainly try too.

Death of manners
Courtesy of: Schools.com

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  1. I'm so sorry you've had bad experiences! I completely agree that manners have taken a nosedive. I also think it has to do with a rise in social media and a dive in face-to-face interactions. There is less personal or immediate impact during social media interactions that people are either forgetting -- or not caring -- about other's feelings or the results of their rude/insensitive comments. Can't people just get along?? ;) Sorry you've had bad experiences... you're the nicest person I know so they're missing out!


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