Saturday, September 1, 2012

July 4 2012

The 4th has always been a special holiday, with a name like America, I'm sure you can guess parents are super patriotic and my mom still calls me on the 4th to say Happy Birthday, even though mine is in Feb. This year we headed to Flagler park to see the firework display, buy annoying toys, and get caught in traffic, BUT it was sooo worth it !

 annoying toys

 this was so yummy and actually by was supposed to be vanilla ice cream, but I only had rum raisin...go figure, paired with the blueberries and red velvet cake, it was out of this world deelish!

 bought these pj's in DC for 4.99 a piece at the Carter's outlet, I do love a good bargain
 we attempted to feed the ducks before my daughter started quacking at and chasing them

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  1. Mia's navy top is so cute! Did you add the gold heart?


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