Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mia finally home

I got some requests for some more pics so here they are. What a blessing it is to finally have her here in our home. She is a joy! John and Bash are so cute with and protective of her. She already has a few tunes that mommy and daddy have made up about her. To the tune of "Uptown Girl" we sing... "She's an 8 pound girl, she's been drinkin all the milk in the world..." and it goes on and on. Another cute one is when she's getting her diaper changed, to the tune of "Super Freak"... we sing..."She's a very stinky girl, the kind that makes the stinky poopies"... "She's a supa stink supa stink, she's supa stinkee yow!" and my favorite, when she has her pamper off John and I will sing "I don't think your ready for this Jelly" If your singing these in your head right now your probably cracking up. I know its sad, She's so cute, we've gone bannanas !

Mia and her Greatgrandma Alaniz who is 90 years old and made the this special trip all the way from Corpus to see her youngest grandchild. Bash & Mia Mia and Daddy sleepin, I just can't get enough of these, they never get old Mia and her Grandpa Joe


  1. how much joy abounds in these pictures! I was singing them in my head-we make up the same silly songs at our house so I was cracking up and remembering all the silly songs we sang to our kids and still do!

  2. America,
    She has changed sooo much in just these few days!! Your dad looks soooo proud and I love the one with Mia and John...thats one to treasure forever I have lots of those with Lauren and Tony.
    God Bless,

  3. OH my goodness....congrats girl!!

    she is super gorgeous!

    she is the perfect mix of you and your husband....i would say she is

    "american ririe"

  4. You guys are hilarious! I love takin' pics of Daddy and Baby crashed out too. Why is it, though, that the dads get to crash when the babies are asleep?


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