Monday, January 12, 2009

Tylor's Baptism

What a joy to have been present on this special day in Tyler's life. I sat a few pews behind him and watched how reverently he listened to his speakers as they gave their talks about Baptism and the gift of the Holy spirit. His Aunt Charite spoke so simply that an 8 year could understand yet so meaningfully that an adult would be moved as I undoubtedly was. Sebastian was very attentive as he knows his Baptismal date is approaching on Feb. 14th. We are so proud of you Tyler for the special boy that you are and your purpose in Heavenly Father's plan.

Rickers, Brenners, Carruths, and Riries This is the kids favorite part of any event "Picture Time" can't you tell? Sebastian claims to not want a baby sister, but this picture gives me hope! I know he'll be an awesome big brother and probably won't leave Mia's side, were hoping.


  1. cute pics i wish y'all would have ridden home with us and gone to dinner--no baby yet???

  2. I LOVED those pictures! You all look so joyful! I just love your little family ya'll are too cute and so kind and loving!


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