Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More pics of Mia in the hospital

I wanted to post the rest of these pics because there definately is a visible change in her weight and skin since we left the hospital.
Jack and Mia got to take pics together in the nursery under the warmer : ) How cool is that, Jenna and I had our babies a day apart and got to be just a couple of rooms away from each other. We made that hospital so sick of us! ahha


  1. that is tooo cool! I am jealous! How fun and you look amazing!

  2. I don't think they were sick of us, I think they were scared. How many times did we make them think one of our babies were missing? You'd think they don't usually have post-partum patients taking their babies with them to visit each other. We were just keeping them on their toes. Good practice for 'em! Mia looks so cute. You're not enjoying dressing a little girl at all are you!

  3. feel free to add us, america. congratulations again.


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