Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Has our CUPCAKE finished baking?

I changed the blog up a bit because I'm exitedly and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our lil "CUPCAKE". John thought it would only be fitting to call Mia Lourdes "CUPCAKE" since my dad calls me (to this day) "BISQUIT". Well, I thought I'd get a post in before the hopspital because I've gotten alot of calls asking if lil Mia has been born yet. If you look at my pathetic lil ticker "countdown" to my due date, you'll notice that I've actually gone over by a couple of days, so to answer your question, NOPE! I see the doctor tomorrow morning and he'll tell me when to check in for induction. Thank you all for your emails, calls, and concerns! We love and miss you all and hope to see you soon, with our lil Mia Lourdes.


  1. See ya Thursday:) Could we have a better set up for cute pictures! How many kids get hospital cousin pictures together? See, don't be frustrated that she hasn't come yet. Think of all of the cute scrapbooking pages you'll be able to do! Maybe Jack and Mia got hung up in heaven listening to my dad's "pontifications" and that's the hold up. Whatever the reason, two little tenants are being evicted in less than two days!

  2. We are so excited to come and meet her. Promise you'll call, k? I just love little babies! How will you do a party on saturday though? You won't even be home from the hospital or just coming home, right? Yeah! Love ya!


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