Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

John and I got to go out on a sweet date friday night, NO pics, I know what an idiot, I forgot my camera. I realized it when we saw a woman in a Burka walking out of Victoria's Secret with a huge bag of stuff. Oh that would have been a cool shot. John was like thats something you don't see everyday, and I said maybe she was buying lotion.? We went to my favorite Indian restaurant the Bomaby Brasserie and then went shopping in the "Montrose" area. It was a blast, and we certainly saw alot of interesting people. I finally got to shop at a store I had been dying to get a shirt from, American Apparel. The t-shirts are kind of expensive but really good quality cotton, that is thin and cool, but not see through, if that makes sense. For all of you LDS girls, you could appreciate it, and I am actually stocking up for after our Sealing. I saw a ton of cool antique and designer consigner shops that were closed, but I'm definately going back this week, any takers? Sat. was alot of running around preparing for Sunday. On Mother's Day after church, we watched Bedtime stories with the kdis, and then we had my MIL over and ate dinner. We gave her her gifts and then she and I worked on Mia's homemade taggie blanket or woopee, or flowbee as John calls it. It is so darn cute, I'll post the finished product later. Then as we saw her off Bash took Mia to the grass and was wrestling with her so I finally got out my camera. Here are some shots.

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