Thursday, May 14, 2009

Homemade Taggies / Woopee

When Bash was a baby we noticed that he LOVED to grab and suck on tags. Any tags! If he was on the floor and there was a rug, he'd find the tag, if you were holding him over your shoulder, he'd find the tag of your shirt, if I went shopping and set the bag down when we'd get home, he'd find the tags on the new clothes, sometimes, he'd even grab the tags on his own clothes,if I was drying him after a bath, you guessed it, he'd grab & suck on the tag of the towel. So, we just thought he was the weirdest kid, and lo and behold he wasn't so weird after all. Turns out all babies love them. So this mom, around 1999, invented Taggies, little blankets and toys with tags attached all around, and is now a mutimillionaire. Who knew? Well, by the time they made it out on store shelves, Bash was past that stage, so now that Mia has expressed an interest I recruited my MIL for help with making one. By saying help, I mean she did it all, I just picked out the material. The Taggies brand are super cute but kind of pricey and the designs are limited. I wanted one that was Mia-ish, or one that "Is SO Mia" as her Aunts Jenna & Josie would say. So here is the finished product and she LOVES it. It is so stinkin cute, her Abuela did an amazing job. We made it a little bigger than the Taggie, because I figured it could also double as a woopee, or whatever she decides to call it. Hopefully not WOOGIE OR FLOWBEE, like her dad does.

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  1. very nice you should have called me i have tons of stuff to make those and would have made you one or helped you make one they make great baby gifts


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