Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back in Corpus

The kids and I made a quick trip to Corpus Christi this last weekend. My stepdad Joe, was hospitalized and we wanted to spend time with him when he was released to go home, the hospital was NOT a good place to visit for the kids with all this flu going around, so luckily he was home by Friday and we got to love on grandpa Joe. While we were there, my step-sister Adie brought the kids a special surprise. A three day old ducky, Boy were they surprised. I set it on Mia's chest and the lil thing just ran right over her face and Mia let out this scream of terror! Just dramatic as can be, I wonder where she gets it? We were trying to console her, then reaquaint them so she wouldn't be afraid but she wasn't have'n it. Sicy girl was exited to play with the ducky, and that duck just hammed it up for the camera, he had the spunkiest personality. I called John to tell him about the duck and right after he heard the words "Baby Duck" he was like "No America, were not getting a duck", as if, I was so not going to ask that.
Can you tell we are starved for a pet, by WE, I mean Bash and I.
While we were down there, I got to see alot of cousins we missed the last visit. We celebrated my Aunt France's birthday at one of her favorite restaurants, Friday's Poet. Gosh, I miss them.


  1. Ohhhh, but we LOVE baby ducks don't we America??!! Those pictures are classic!

  2. LOL!!!! those pics of the kids and the ducks are hillarious I cant wait till Kade wakes up from his nap so he can see!!!


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