Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{'Bout Becca Brown}- The "white" version of me

So, while in Corpus I was sittin at home and got a voicemail saying "Uh, America, you don't know me,my name is Rebecca, I'm in 3rd ward and K asked me to call you, she said you might be interested in crafting with me and a few other girls." Boy was I ever. I was so missing getting together with other "sisters" and just crafting, chatting, munching, and being creative. We IMMEDIATELY hit it off (total understatement) as we have MUCH in common, when I say MUCH, I mean it's pretty creepy how much. She has a gorgeous daughter whose name rhymes with MIa, she's a little older than Mia, and a son who is 2 months old so perfect play pal age for Beckham. I'm so grateful I've made this new friend, she is sweet, freakishly creative, and amazingly talented at just about everything crafty. You name it from blogging, vinyl cutting, painting, building, designing, decorating, she can do it all. I was so inspired that I recruited her help in designing Beckham's nursery. She gave me step by step instruction in between feeding and wrangling our kids and I was able to sew his curtains, bumper pad, and crib skirt. Becca, I couldn't have done it without you and am forever grateful!!! Looking forward to your visit : )

These are some of our creations :
needs a headband
this is meant for matching dresses that we're working on for the girls
I love this because it goes with almost everything Mia wears
can't wait to make these into dresses
Becca's crayon pouch creation
Becca's Etsy business

I made this as a parting/thank you gift for Becca, it's so her
This one too, she put it on immediately, just being nice I guess

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