Monday, July 26, 2010

{ Wicked }

When John and I decided to move to Houston, we made a deal to try and make at least one concert, musical, pro game (baseball, football, soccer, basketball), and try every ethnic restaurant we could. Well, if you've followed our blog for the last two years you'd know that we pretty much have all the ethnic restaurants covered and a few pro games. Finally, I got the chance to attend my first "Houston" musical, WICKED. It was FANTASTIC and I absolutley loved it! I bought the ticket many months ago and drove home just in time for it. I was a little worried that I'd been gone so long and hadn't made any plans to go with anyone that I'd end up driving alone. Luckily word spread fast that I was back in town and the offers started pouring in to ride together. I love this ward, my sisters have always been there for me. I ended up going with Tara, a person that since we met has maintained a strange ESP relationship with my brain. It was great getting to catch up with one another and I enjoyed getting to know her family who were visiting from Utah. Thanks for the ride Harts!
Although my seat was pretty high up I had a dead center view, perfect!
"Pay no attention to the blouse that is obviously not maternity and doesnt fit me at all"

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  1. It was super fun!! You are one awesome chica and it was great to be able to get caught to come up with some way (or excuse) to meet up and do something like that again once I move :)


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