Friday, July 2, 2010

John's 30th / Father's Day 2010

So all year long I'd been planning on throwing John an Awesome 80's party for his 30th birthday. With us having moved to Corpus (temporarily) that plan suddenly went out the window. So, we invited all of our family and some friends to have a fun dinner at Joe's Crabshack on the water. It was a blast to say the least. We hadn't seen our family in several months since we moved down here so it was a long overdue reunion as well.

John was so thrilled with all of his gifts of coarse, but the one that I think that touched his heart the most was from his mother. It was his dad's briefcase and to their surprise still had an official document that he had doodled on which apparently, anyone that knew his dad would find amusing because that was a little quirk of his.

Antother pic of these two reunited again

We made reservations at the Holiday Inn Emerald Beach which is one of my favorite getaways because it not only has an indoor pool, but also an indoor arcade and play structure with a huge ball pit and slides, yes, endless fun for the kids.

The next morning the Brenner's joined us for a day at the Texas State Aquarium

So, to explain what's happening here, my super health conscious husband bought just about every sour/gummy/sugar-salt covered candy there was on the way to the aquarium.  After all of our children devoured the candy, Nathan so graciously decided to help Mia clean her hands. Why let all that sugary goodness go to waste, I say! 

That Sunday we were joined at church by Yanet and the Brenners. The kids loved it because they bounced around from pew to pew and sharing each others snacks, that's so horrible of us, but anything to keep them quiet. 

It also happened to be Father's Day so we headed off to the ranch for some swimming, grilled steaks, and target practice.  My beautiful sister joined the fun too! 

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  1. Woo! Sounds like it was a fun celebratory weekend all around. Happy birthday, John!


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