Friday, April 16, 2010

Total weenie !

My poor girl had to go to her first dental cleaning, not visit. No, she had been seen a few weeks before because she fell at the gym nursery and tore her upper frenum (maxillary frenulum), you know that little membrane that's between the lip and gums. Well, the doctors said all was good but that she was due for a cleaning since she was already 1. So, it was all fun and games in the waiting room then we got called to go back and I guess it was the traumatic experience of being in the hospital after this last Thanksgiving with all the needles, gloves, and strangers, when she saw the hygienist coming toward her with gloves on and the cavitron ( the little instrument that cleans your teeth), she flipped. I had to hold her down and then calm her down after with a rubby ducky they gave her. All I could say was "What a weenie"!
Fun and games before
Utter terror after

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