Saturday, April 17, 2010

An evening in the park....

Ricker cousins were visiting so naturally we headed to Abuela's park. They have such a great time at this park and never want to leave, until bed time is approaching or someone gets hurt. Doesn't it always work out that way?

I love this, it's like "Stop, I'm dizzy,I need to get off this thing" Notice John going carefully and smoothly down with Olivia Didn't work out quite the same way for MIA! 1-2-3- JUMP, that's her latest, off of the counters, the coffee table, the stairs, you name it

Let me tell you about these two. Nate and MIAThey just melt when they see each other, it's like "oh it's been so long cousin"
Then they hug And Dance Then after all the love... they fight over toys and thats when it gets real fun. How lady like Daddy to the rescue I guess the solution was to get Bash to get her what she wanted
Have you ever had to pull a nine year old out of a play structure?

Our lucky little Trey had a lady bug come land on his hand, how cute is that I ask you?


  1. The dancing pic looks like her great-aunt Frances

  2. I LOVE how good you are about keeping up with your blog! What GREAT pictures. Such a beautiful family!!! Can't wait for Beckham!


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