Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Week End 2010 !

THURS. - Easter Egg Hunt
Thanks to a brilliant mom in our ward, the kids got to do an early Easter egg hunt at ES park. So, I made some playdates for the kids and we headed out. It was so much fun, the kids were SO tired and HUNGRY after because someone didn't pack lunch, yep dummy me. But, it worked out well for the kids because they got Micky D's and left with a ton of candy. Thanks brilliant mom for thinking of this, you know who you are! 1st things 1st just hangin around 3 out of 6 are prego, can you guess which ones?
dragon trainer gal pal

Fri.- Houston Zoo

Ever since she learned to walk, she refuses to crawl, so Bash had to drag her out You act like you've never seen a Gimpy lizard before

Sat. egg hunt part II at the Tarver's -
Our dearest friends, The Tarver's, will be moving to Saudi very soon. This was going to be their last Easter for a very long time so they went all out. Tess made a ton of food and desserts and then kid's got to swim after their food went down. Next was the egg hunt, which they had so much fun doing. Tess made each kid a special goodie bag with all kinds of yummy treats, even Mia's had 3 of her favorite Gerber snacks. Then Tess and her sister hid eggs contained with money so that each child got $10. It was wild and the kids found every single egg that we hid. Even Mia was piling them in her basket. After we got home we reflected on the wonderful impression that their family has made on us and how much love we have for each other's families. We will surely miss you Scott and Tess.

She walks so much like her daddy, its frightening! score!
Mia trying to jack someones basket

Seriously, they went way too far with the goodies! We'll miss you Tarvers!

Sun.- General Conference- (breakfast with Abuela)

This morning we went to my MIL's for breakfast and yet again, another egg hunt! It was a mini one in the house since it was raining. Quite hilarious to watch. Afterward we went home and tried to prepare for conference. We explained to Bash that even though we had a fantastic time all week for his Easter vacation, that the devotion's we'd been doing throughout the week from the "Easter Story" was the real reason to remember Easter. I only mention this because some people believe that Mormons CANNOT or DO NOT celebrate Easter. Well, we do, sure we do all the fun stuff normally related, but we also reflect on the power of the Atonement, the sacrifice that Christ made for us, and the eternal blessings it brings. It is essentially, in my opinion, the foundation of all of our beliefs and what the church is built upon. This years conference touched my heart and not that it's any surprise, it just is still hard to wrap my head around the inspiration that comes from these talks, that tell you just what Heavenly Father wants you to hear.

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  1. These pictures are awesome. Glad you guys had a good Easter :)


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