Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scout's honor...

Sebastian was chosen to this pack meeting's spotlight, which was perfect timing as he is super sad we're moving. They put a great pic of him in the newsletter and wrote a super sweet short piece about Sebastian and neat things about him. We struggle with his interests and guiding him to develop talents but Scouts is one activity he is ALL for and would never miss an oportunity that pertains to it. We love our little Bear!

Bash receiving the spotlight award, but notice this tiny female creature in the background with a super bright skirt, ALWAYS TYRING TO STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT from her brother, What a brat!

I always ask him to try and face me so that I can get a good pic, it's bad enough I don't know a thing about lighting, and what does he do? Put's his back right toward me, so I go hurdling over kids and parents to get the shot below

Great, thanks Bash, good job anyway.


  1. Glad we could make his night memorable for ya!


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