Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Girls Rule and Boys Drool...

Who can play and play and play ALL DAY? These two ! Boy they've worn me out.
High Five , with a twist
drive through...... "May I help you" One of the few times, he let me snap a pic

Resting on the Sabbath

These girls had no idea what kind of week I had in store for them. So, I'm glad they got to rest.

The Woodlands- Market Street Shopping !
Oh Yeah, these girls shopped it up in the Woodlands, they played with lip gloss and tried on clothes, shoes, hats, glasses, you name it. They did a great job while I tried on every maternity item Gap had to offer. They were having a 40% off the sale price, so I went crazy! My cutest purchase by far were these for Mia and Beckham's little outfits.
Eating Trying on gloss
Super Jane Fonda lookin

FHE- Roller Box
We were inspired to make this roller box at the open house of our new church building. In the primary room , they had an example of one on a much larger scale, so we scaled it down to a jello box and tied in a lesson about the Holy Spirit.
Girls coloring away, NOT Really! cut out out a 2 x 2 1/2 in. rectangle
color all strips cut and tape in order wrap in foil, ours is messy but the kids did a great job add pencils and tape ends of strip to each pencil and "ROLL" away

Cutesie Tootsies

Who wants a Pedicure? Oh these girls just ate it up! They were little divas ready to get their "pedi" on. This was Mia's first time ever getting her toes painted, so considering, she did pretty good, until she wiped out a toe getting in the carseat. Sicily on the other hand, is a pro cause her mommy paints her toes all the time.
Mia being an outdoorsy sorta gal, needed a little more work than Sicily Adding the sparkles

Sicily just needed a little touch up Trying to convince them she was badly in need of a "mani" And Voila! Cutesie Tootsies!

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